Sunday, April 12, 2015

AntiSnor Acupressure Ring

We were lucky to have been referred to try the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring for my husband. Full disclosure though, since my husband embarked on a stricter diet and regular exercise regimen last October, he has lost weight and his snoring has been improved already. Still, we figured it wouldn't hurt to try the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring and see if he could get better sleep out of it.

First of,  I already knew that snoring means the oxygen your brain gets during sleep is greatly reduced. This explains why people could sleep for 6-8 hours and still wake up feeling fatigued. Hubby, being overweight, has always snored since I met him. In fact, there were even points in our marriage wherein I would wake up because my hubby has stopped snoring and I'd feel I had to check if he was still breathing. Haha.

Now, there are many reasons why a person snores: Thicker tissues at the back of the throat for overweight people, perennial congestion in the nose (maybe due to allergies), alcohol intake which relaxes throat muscles and limits their defensive function, conditions like sleep apnea, dental misalignments and even pregnancy can all result in snoring.

The AntiSnor Acupressure Ring was created to help reduce or prevent snoring using Western and Eastern medical philosophies.  The ring (comes in three sizes – small, medium and large)  is worn on the little finger of the left hand to apply pressure on acupressure points.  This, in turn, stimulates muscles controlling your upper airway to help reduce or prevent snoring. Users report reduced snoring, better sleep quality, less fatigue, improved breathing and others. All these, minus the use of invasive procedures like an operation  to solve nasal anatomy problems.

So... we tried it. I  am a sort of bad judge because I have gotten used to hubby snoring and have learned to tune him out even if I was awake till late. But I did feel he was a lot quieter (he still snored but it was not as sonorous). Hubby did report deeper sleep which also registered in his Up gadget and left him feeling more rested upon waking up. Later on though, hubs said he has a harder time sleeping but since this was during end of quarter, we couldn't say if the insomnia was due to the ring or due to pressures at work (since he was really busy that time).

All in all, if you have the money to spare,  and believe that stimulating acupressure points do result in wellness, I would recommend for snorers to try the ring. Placebo effect or actual acupressure help aside... it beats having to go through expensive and invasive surgeries just yet. Combined with healthier lifestyle choices, one may even avoid any procedure at all.

Hypoallergenic and drug-free, the AntiSnor Acupressure Ring is available at Watsons stores at SM Mall of Asia, SM North, SM Fairview, SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM Makati, Festival  Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Market Market, Greenbelt 1 and Gateway.
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