Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting a Voter's ID and a Postal ID in Manila

Boo!  :)   I know, long time no post!

Anyway, I was a stay-at-home Mom in need of a secondary ID to open a bank account. It behooves me, but just the passport will not suffice.

After much hemming and hawing and gnashing teeth because I don't like dealing with bureaucratic corruption and long lines, I gave in.

I went to the Comelec site and filled up the proper form. Oh, I called them to verify which form it was that I needed to fill up. See, I stopped voting after getting married and my voter's file (what do yo call that) was deactivated after missing 2 national elections. So, I did not know whether I was going to fill up the form for reactivation or the one for a change of name. Anyhoo, I was advised to just apply as a new voter instead. So, that is what I did.

I filled up the form electronically, printed them on long bond paper (3 copies) and then I photocopied all IDs I have (passport, expired postal ID and my homeschooler ID as parent-teacher). I then went to the Comelec Manila office at Arroceros Street (near LRT Central station).

I looked for the District my barangay belongs to, submitted the filled up forms and photocopy of IDs at the window bearing "Step 1" sign. Somebody affixes a reference number to it. Within 5 minutes, I was called to sit inside for the Biometrics part (step 2). Basically, you sit in front of the encoder as he types in your details before taking your picture and making you sign the digitizer and then getting your thumb and forefinger prints digitally. Step 3 is affixing thumb prints on your form in front of them, then they will give you a slip of paper before shooing you away.

And then you pray that Step 4 (claiming of Voter's ID) will happen within your lifetime. Haha. But really, they have no idea when an ID will be released because all the manufacturing of IDs happen at Comelec Central.

At least I get to vote again, no?


Now, since getting my hands on a Voter's ID anytime soon seemed bleak... I walked to the Central Post Office (the PhilPost building across that old theater) to get a Postal ID.

I prayed there won't be corruption (because I have Googled my heart out and read mostly rants and complaints) and I was rewarded :)

I asked for a form (they will give you two to fill up) which I dutifully accomplished. I submitted it with the original copy of my barangay clearance (an NBI clearance will also do), three 2x2 pictures with a white background (2 for the forms and 1 for your actual ID)  and photocopies of my birth and marriage certificates (because I am married). There's a nearby rush photo nook and photocopying for these. I was told that there is no such thing as RENEWALS anymore so every time you get a Postal ID now, you have to submit those things.

I paid P533 for RUSH processing (meaning I got my laminated ID within 15 minutes after paying). I got a receipt for P508... P448 for the rush processing and P60 for authenticating the photocopies of my documents. The woman at the window patiently explains this to all applicants, that the only thing they do not give a receipt for is the lamination (P25). I greatly appreciated that (compared to the horror stories I have read).

Plus, the windows at PhilPost had  laminated pictures and names (reminiscent of name tags for young students) of whoever is serving the public, an attempt I believe in reducing corruption and creating transparency. I just didn't take a picture anymore but I greatly appreciated that too.

All in all, it took longer to commute to and from the house to these offices.

Hope this helps others trying to secure IDs (but please direct your questions to the respective agencies).
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