Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good Times Cafe in Dipolog

Located just walking distance from the public market (and most inns) in Dipolog, Good Times Cafe (as it is most popularly known, but its official name now is Galeria or Cafe Indelico)  is now home to a number of artists living together as a family. Yes, some concept of hippie commune came to mind but I don't think that covers the welcoming warmth we enjoyed as we visited with Kuya Aldrin, one of the artists living there who showed us around, and the real love and respect each member had for each other.

Good Times Cafe was originally located in Manila. I have quite forgotten the reason why they packed up and left (must be high cost of real estate) and I am ashamed to say that I have also forgotten the province where they are setting up a similar cafe (I think in Bacolod) in. I have been remiss in notetaking and blogging.

Anyway, the artists living in this ancestral home all pitch in to decorate the place (using old and donated tiles and glass), play host, cook (the cafe has sees more people at night for laid back banter and drinks) and create artwork which they exhibit and sell in the cafe.

I think everyone would have loved to have a yard or garden like the one they had. :)

view from the street

the family that once lived here

the gate that opens into this haven of mosaics and artwork

they are still extending this to the back of the house, installing a bar and a koi pond

you will find artwork everywhere, using all media possible

I believe this is a real stuffed bird

Not sure if it was called kamonsil or something... the property had a lot of edible plants/trees

my boys at the gate

my boys with Kuya Aldrin

Kuya Aldrin's painting

their mentor, Ed Tabangcura, likes using all kinds of materials like cement and clay (for frames and paintings)

There are a lot of paintings and scuplture of deities from different religions. I also noticed that most paintings had a water-like element to it, most suggesting movement and flexibility and I even asked Kuya Aldrin if that was an influence of their mentor or a very Filipino quality.

Anyway, again, I would have loved to hang out there and learn more about art (for they do get invited to teach or speak or do workshops) or just chum out with people whose creativity just flows.

Maybe my sons will get to apprentice in time :)

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