Thursday, July 04, 2013

Careful of those Heels

Lately, it is becoming harder and harder to find decently-heeled shoes at the mall. Usually, what you are offered are elevator shoes where you will be literally required to stand and walk on tiptoe while wearing the pair.

Fashionistas can say all they want to justify the trend but the fact remains that it is unnatural for humans to walk like that, and very unhealthy for the body overall. Which is why, I actually feel for Lady Gaga who constantly trips because of those signature kicks.

To avoid dealing with  recovery from ankle surgery, two inches should be one's limit for shoes they have to wear all day, especially if they will be doing much standing and walking. Some exchange kitten heels for wider heels while others always go for wedges. It may require an inordinate amount of time and patience to find shoes that won't kill your feet (so wear flats when going shopping) but it is an investment in your health.

Please remember, when your bones aren't properly aligned, you are more prone to suffer from headaches as well as gastric problems. And a woman in pain is seldom a pleasant one.

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