Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online Presence for Small Businesses

I am starting to support small businesses more and more and I do not just mean the usual cottage industries. I have Mom friends who have turned their advocacy into income-generating endeavors. They sell nursing wear, cloth diapers, earth-friendly soaps, wooden toys, etc.

I also have friends who turned their fashion obsession (and the fact that they now have daughters) into money-making endeavors. They sell and resell clothes, clips, shoes, accessories. 

Other friends channel their other talents and go into party planning, or selling crafted toys or decor. Even crocheted stuff is now becoming a more lucrative business idea (one I have not responded to accordingly!). 

One way all of them have increased their online presence is through thoughtfully designed blogs and websites which their friends and family can direct their network of friends to. Just share links to sites on FB, supplemented by Instagram and Pinterest postings and maybe one or two blog giveaways and your market has just expanded.

Those looking for webhosting for these might want to check out www.webhostinggeeks.com/wordpresshosting.html for price brackets and package offerings. They may also have to pay for premium photo sharing accounts but the costs are really a small price to pay for the trade it brings. One thing I like about websites having a blog feature is that clients LOVE it when you post pictures they share with you for goods they have bought from you... and that keeps them coming back for more.

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