Monday, May 27, 2013

Making Math Your Friend

We are now at a day and age where most families require expert tutoring help with algebra for school and college students. The good thing about this happening now is that there are enough online resources and physical tutorial centers for such. This is especially helpful  if you're sending your kids to the usual mainstream schools where individual pacing, capacity and interests are seldom taken into account.

The bad thing, however, about that upside is that not all tutorials are created the same. Some actually go out of their way so that after a few months, your child has already been trained to help himself by knowing where to look for aid, what things to really consider and what sacrifices have to be made (like actually making the homework first). These tutorial centers help your child learn better and more efficiently and actually improves their quality of life despite the tons of homework and projects that needed to be turned in.

Most, however, become a crutch and your child is better off without them in the long run. These are the ones that are really only after profit and are exploiting weaknesses instead of empowering children to learn on their own. Parents must be vigilant about doing research and conducting interviews so that theirs will be money well spent... and their child's time and energy would not be wasted.

However, for those with very young kids, the video below may be helpful. I do not mean to promote Waldorf schools (though I am a fan) but I do wish parents would enroll their kids in schools where similar approaches are being undertaken by teachers to make difficult subjects more relevant, personal, engaging and approachable.

Make math fun from the very start. Incorporate stories, values, lessons, games in it and it will not be the source of headache and troubles it is for most of us.

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