Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cool Yourself Through Food

The summer heat is harsh and upon us... but instead of making ourselves prisoners of electric fans and air conditioners, how about cooling ourselves naturally through food?

First, drink plenty of water, preferably room temperature (or just slightly cool). See, the closer your inner body temperature is to the temperature outside, the more comfortable you will be.

Next, partake of food and drinks that are known for their cooling effect on the body. First on the list is buko juice/young coconut water. Eat lots of watery fruits like watermelon, melon and most citrus ones. Check out what's in season during summer and also enjoy bananas and plantain. Cook viands with extra helpings of onions and enjoy broths with ginger. All these will help cool your body.

Avoid diuretics like coffee.

One other way is to eat less meat and dairy, as these are harder to digest and makes our body burn more.

Yet another way, which is ideal for those of who are overweight, is to actually just eat less, as digestion also burns up the body. Just eat light meals and drink a beverage made from water with some calamansi/lemon squeezed in it. It helps make you feel full longer without the calories.

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