Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Possible Father's Day Gifts

I know that Mother's Day will be happening first before we celebrate our dads, but women generally have a harder time shopping for men because they are less vocal and specific about such things.

So, what are some great ideas for our beloved fathers and husbands?

For the working men, you can check out mens briefcase, belts and wallets aside from a wardrobe overhaul. Let's help them look snappy.
For the couch potato, you can get them external hard drives or cloud accounts to store all those movies in.

For the geeks, maybe a trip to the Dinosaur Island in Clark, Pampanga will tickle their fancy and re-awaken the child in them. That or a trip to the Mind Museum (who cares if you don't have kids).

For the hearty eaters, get them Groupon deals in the many buffet offerings in the city. Or take cooking classes and surprise him instead.

For the hubbies who have really been working so hard... and you feel they need a break... get him and one or two buds an overnight trip. A Pinatubo trek or wakeboarding stint at CamSur are sure to refresh.

Just steer clear of tools and mugs this coming Father's Day (not that there's anything wrong with those). Let's be more thoughtful for the men we love.

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