Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dumaluan Beach Resort Grill

Dumaluan Beach Resort I (DBR) is the older resort between the two Dumaluan resorts (the newer one is owned by the daughter, I think). Their restaurant, however, seems to be more popular because it's open to the public, affordable and the food tastes good.

Actually, I really love their grilled food.

People order from here... and the smoke from the meat grilling might get to you (but yes, they too smell awesome)
this was their offering of a baby back ribs meal (around P275 I think) and I LOVED the ribs!
this wasn't as crispy as I wanted but it still tasted great
the grilled meat at the right is chicken, which was also very delicious and tender

We also ordered fish sinigang... and we just paid a little over P1,000 for all of the food. Really affordable and the food was really good. Ambience is, of course, better at the newer DBR. This is actually less restaurant, more laid-back barbecue place. They also offer sandwiches and there is a small sari-sari nearby for those who need basic supplies.

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