Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bohol Bee Farm

We didn't stay in Bohol Bee Farm when we went to Bohol last December because they were fully booked (and I really wanted a resort where sand was within reach for the kids). But we made sure to stop here from the airport for lunch and returned again during the Panglao Tour.

We availed of their packaged feast that cost P500/person (the children ate for free).
squash bread (love this!) was served with two spreads... mango butter and a pesto one
love the view at the restaurant
no words can convey how refreshing this lemongrass tea is (haha, everyone tried sipping on the lemongrass stalk, mistaking it for a straw)... I just had to order more!
loved the pesto and green tomato salsa
my parents couldn't believe the flowers in the salad were edible, the red rice was amazing (but my nephew wouldn't have any of it)... loved the ribs and the fish (didn't taste the chicken and the pasta)
seafood soup, a lot like sinigang
I was looking forward to their ice cream because people raved about them in blogs... but though they weren't bad, I wouldn't return to Bohol Bee Farm for them. This is malunggay and tomato, I think. It's very thick (always nice), and there's a certain texture to the ice cream that may turn off some people (it wasn't grainy exactly, but it also wasn't smooth and creamy to the tongue). Mostly, it was interesting.
this was what we ordered (wew were so tired to think, having had a 2-hour flight delay)

The food was GREAT. Really. I think it was still our best meal in Bohol. And I have to commend Bohol Bee Farm for its pursuit of all things natural. You just know you were eating things that were really good for your body.

Anyway, when we returned, we just looked around but mostly spent time at the shop.
they sell plants
have hammocks
sell ice cream
I bought a big jar of the mango butter spread and a loaf of squash bread because I  couldn't possibly leave Bohol without them
they also sell Human Heart Nature products here
and offer all kinds of local tea and coffee

All in all... Bohol Bee Farm is really a must-stop when you go to Bohol. The real bee farm isn't located at the resort so don't expect to see a lot of bee frames. They also have a kiosk at the Loboc River Cruise Terminal if ever you miss buying their products... but oh, please don't. Let's support these local industries that are doing our bodies and the environment good.

http://www.boholbeefarm.com/Ms. Vicky Wallace
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol


They also have an online store: http://boholbeefarm.com/store/

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make Kid Farmers in the City

The great thing about urban farming is that you don't need things like a penflex metal hose or a huge bin of compost. You don't even need that big an area nor special, tricky equipment. All you need is some space to hang or put a pot of plant in.

Now, since summer is fast approaching, a great idea would be to make farmers out of your young ones. Choose hardy plants that don't really require much care for them to 'nurture'. Even herbs/medicinal plants like oregano can withstand a lot of pulling, digging and watering.

And... you can make things more fun by getting your kiddo a special watering can. We just bought P88 ones from Saisen, they looked like lamps and double as bath toys.

You can also use it as learning opportunities. For homeschoolers, kids can better compare if onions planted from a bulb or a seed grow better and which ones really require seeds and which require cuttings.

It can't help but be fun for them, even if it amounts to some mess and a lot of patience from you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Isobel's Homemade Ice Cream

Warning... major rave ahead!

We first got to taste Isobel's Homemade Ice Cream at last November's Balik Bukid. I mistook it to be part of the Paletas Para Ti (all natural homemade iced fruit bars) offerings but since the proprietor is the same, I guess it's safer to say they're sister brands :)

Anyway, we loved the ice cream bars at Balik Bukid so we got their calling card. When my sister-in-law decided to hold her daughter's party at the Fun Farm, I thought of getting ice cream from there... but failed to contact them till 3 days before the event. Good thing Miss Fannie was very accommodating and friendly.

The ice cream bars cost P50 and since we only expected some 40-50 guests, I only ordered 60. For an extra P200, they delivered the ice cream and lent us the use of their freezer too. Fantastic right?

the freezer containing all their goodies

I got 5 flavors: Vanilla with Chocolate Covered Almonds, Milk Chocolate with Raisins, Espresso with Chocolate Freckles, Butter Pecan and Vanilla with Mango Swirl
and yes, Miss Fannie offered to personalize the ice cream bars somehow...
which had guests taking pics of the ice cream bars...
and showing the ice cream bars to the birthday girl (because it was so cute!)... this is the milk chocolate with raisins
this is the espresso with chocolate freckles... my fave!
I thought before that the vanilla with chocolate-covered almonds cannot be topped... until I tasted the buttery goodness of the buter pecan. But the espresso is really my fave of the lot. Next time, we might also try their other flavor, like salted caramel and tablea, basil with pili, mint chocolate chip, stracciatella, Nutella and lemon. Isobel's also offers mango, strawberry, avocado, cereal milk, pistachio AND they can customize flavors.
Miss Fannie also offers different swirls for the vanilla (butterscotch, fudge and mango).
Now... who wouldn't be in love right? And I swear, everybody else who tasted it was won over. I even have a picture of my eldest who was depressed because all the chocolate-flavored ice cream were gone when he was ready for his next one (his parents were pigs, we had 4 each!).
For orders, one can contact Miss Fannie M. Del Mundo at pola.isobel at yahoo dot com or text/call her at 0922-8931241. They have an office in Paranaque but their Paleteria is in Sta. Rosa Estates, Laguna too. Just ask for party packages and the like (and yes, you can also order the ice cream in pints).
Ice cream is more fun when it's homemade from the freshest ingredients!!! And certainly, I cannot wait for my next tryst with Isobel's.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Utility Knife as Valentines Gift

Well, why not? Husbands don't think of Valentines in terms of spa certificates anyway. And if your darling is a typical man, he would love having a handy utility knife in the glove compartment and at your home for all those little things you need help with.

In our case, for all the repairs he needs to do on toys.

There are sooo many possibilities online (yes, I was surprised too at how varied the choices are),  www.martorusa.com even has a blade recycling program for those who prefers to go green. Just think of your needs and habits and get a blade of your choice.

And your man is sure to appreciate a gift that took into account his innate need to create and desecrate, haha.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dumaluan Beach Resort Grill

Dumaluan Beach Resort I (DBR) is the older resort between the two Dumaluan resorts (the newer one is owned by the daughter, I think). Their restaurant, however, seems to be more popular because it's open to the public, affordable and the food tastes good.

Actually, I really love their grilled food.

People order from here... and the smoke from the meat grilling might get to you (but yes, they too smell awesome)
this was their offering of a baby back ribs meal (around P275 I think) and I LOVED the ribs!
this wasn't as crispy as I wanted but it still tasted great
the grilled meat at the right is chicken, which was also very delicious and tender

We also ordered fish sinigang... and we just paid a little over P1,000 for all of the food. Really affordable and the food was really good. Ambience is, of course, better at the newer DBR. This is actually less restaurant, more laid-back barbecue place. They also offer sandwiches and there is a small sari-sari nearby for those who need basic supplies.

Lifetime Income Solutions

One thing my husband and I have agreed on is that we will learn tabout investing this year... and will also start making our money earn, however little or much it is.

But before we could start to  compare annuity rates or trade stocks, we both need to start with the basics. And here is a rough guide of how we're doing it:

1) Meet over and agree on a financial plan.
Couples looking to invest need to be aware of their cash flow first so they can see where budget can be slashed (expenses for dining out), which expenses are non-negotioable, and just how (if any) go into savings.

2) Brush up on business Math.
Be clear about the differences of time deposits and stocks and bonds. Re-learn how to compute for interests and dividends. You will need these skills when you finally meet with financial experts.

3) Read and research.
You can buy magazines, read investment books, join investment mailing lists and float questions on the internet. Just do your research. Where are people investing? How are they doing it? What are they doing it for? What is available to you where you are? And how much money and time should you really be alloting for what you plan to do?

4) Meet with experts.
You can consult with agents or financial managers or anyone from the bank.

5) Start slow.
For sure, we will learn as we go and will make a lot of mistakes first. So, best to start slow. As we gain confidence and more knowledge, we can take bigger risks and try smarter.

6) Keep learning.

7) Do not let expenses rise in direct proportion to rising income.

8) Keep investing.

Hopefully... others will have the drive and commitment to do the same. It just won't do to be parents without savings and investments.
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