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Whites and Greens Beach Resort of Panglao Island in Bohol

** Note: We travelled as a group of 6 adults, 3 kids after Christmas

As I was scouring the net for affordable accommodations that won't stretch a travelling family with young kids, I hemmed and hawed between staying in a hostel type or investing on beach possibilities. In the end, I realized that the kids we have would be happy just playing with sand so accommodations on the beach, it is.

At first, I was all ready to book Dumaluan but after much computation, I decided on Whites and Greens Resort in the same beach strip as Dumaluan in the island of Panglao.

What I liked about Miss Neo is that she answered my e-mails asap. I had questions on accommodations and how accessible these are to/from the beach (given that my parents are senior citizens and the kids we're with are all 5 years old and below). I also read about a sewage smell emanating from their bathrooms due to brackish water, which can't be helped, but at least they reassured me they will do something about it for us.

And all in all, the only thing I really WANTED that wasn't there are places to hang clothes/towels on inside the room.

We ended up in a dorm room/bungalow (isn't Miss Neo great, she really suggested the dorm room so we can save money!) which cost P2,000 per day (plus we paid for 4 extra beds at P300 each, inclusive of free breakfast). Since our room was very near their restaurant, we enjoyed wifi from the comforts of our room.
the beach strip is just amazing!
the white sand seemed chalky (comparing to Boracay white sand) but it's also really so beautiful
sunset shot
sunrise and low tide shot
Bungalow No. 5 is just a few steps away from the beach
and it had 6 beds, a cable TV, aircon and one bathroom/CR (towels also provided)... a little spartan but we didn't mind because we were out most of the time
the restaurant just outside our bungalow
where you can get free water refills :)
the free breakfast is nothing fancy but you always get 2 eggs... and extra rice is also free
they even heat up food you bring from other restos for you for free
try their pancit :)
other huts in the resort

For better dining options... one can just walk in the direction of the right (you may brave waves at certain times when it's high tide) to go to the fancier restaurant of Dumaluan 2... or the grill of Dumaluan 1 (both make mean grilled food, and they're the cheaper options too). For some sari-sari store staples, you can also just walk from the resort gate to a small store... but if you crave city living staples (like chocolates and Off lotion), have your tour guide make a stop at a grocery just outside the dirt road leading to this area (you can't walk to that place, you really need a car).

Anyway, if ever we're going back to Bohol, we really wouldn't mind staying at Whites and Greens Resort again. Also, when I mentioned to Miss Neo the jellyfish stinging incident in Subic and expressed my fears about Bohol waters and their resort's capacity to care for its guests, I was reassured that the wife of the owner is a doctor and that they have a proper First Aid cabinet... and that we can get to a hospital within 20 minutes (plus, she said they don't get big jellyfish in their waters).

We ended up paying only around P10,000 for four days and three nights stay with breakfast for 6 adults and 3 kids (who basically were free of charge). That is a steal... what we saved in accommodations, we spent on paying for the tours we took instead.

Whites and Greens Resort
 Telephone || (+63) 038 502 9433
Mobile || (+63908) 9586878
Website ||
Fanpage and reviews ||

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are planning to stay in this resort coming May. Now I am even more excited! Thanks again!

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