Friday, January 18, 2013

Mag-Aso Falls, Panglao

A trip to Mag-Aso (from what I understood, Mag-Aso refers to the mist generated by the falls) Falls is not generally included in most Panglao Island tours in Bohol. We paid an extra P500 for the trip (plus P20 each for the entrance and P50 for the rent of the small cottage).

To enjoy the falls, visitors must trek downhill for maybe 5 minutes (not easy for those out of shape like me). The trail has railings for support and the people in charge of the falls (local government) would scrub some of the mossy rocks at the site. So, all in all, it's a generally safe place to go to... and one really so naturally beautiful.
view deck
grainy picture of the small cottage
the big cottage (P100 rent)
for P20, don't expect great facilities... this is the shower area :)
really clean, cold water :)
I'd encourage travellers to visit Mag-Aso Falls if only to support the local government. Plus, since it's a little out of the way, you may just enjoy a time when you have the whole place all to yourself. Surely, that kind of bliss is worth shooting for.
Bring mosquito repellent though! And maybe some warming oil for after.

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verabear said...

Ooooohhh haven't been to this area in Panglao. This is a good enough reason to go to Bohol again. :)

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