Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dumaluan II Restaurant, Bohol

We did not stay in Dumaluan Beach Resort because we opted to stay instead at Whites and Greens Beach Resort but we wanted a better dining experience during our stay. We were directed to Dumaluan, which was a brief walk along the beach from our resort. Dumaluan II was about two resorts away.

Anyway, it also seems that Dumaluan II's restaurant is only supposed to service their resort's guests but well, we were not chased away.
the place really looked nice, with areas for outdoor and indoor dining
dining by the beach was nice... and yes, my son decided to make a playground of the stair railing over there
these sell for only P100 I think (that includes cooking fee, I believe)
yum, right?
their restaurant has a full-scale menu and this seafood bar where you can get fresh seafood cooked the way you like (Dampa-style)
we ordered squid
and this P100 order of liempo... which was absolutely great because it was grilled to perfection, really tender and the dipping sauce was just right
one bowl of scallops (10 pieces) that was baked... I liked it

We also had 2 orders of fish sinigang and an order of molo soup, plus some grilled chicken and some veggie dish. All in all, we paid about P2,000. I thought their food, generally, was alright. I really loved the liempo, and I am neither a meat nor grilled food person... so that's saying something.

Later on, hubs and I decided to stay awhile and have a date... and we had this, which we liked but it wasn't anything special:

For an idea of the price range, click here. For reservations at Dumaluan Beach Resort or info about their restaurant (there was a wedding reception held there the following night):

LANDLINE: 038 502-9092
FAX: 038-502-9081
MOBILE: +639178834888(GLOBE)

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