Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wellness Gift Certificates Instead of Material Gifts

Times are hard, they say, but because of so many factors... it's also really easy for middle-income people to afford a few luxuries. Therein lies the dilemma, what to give to people who can afford things?

Instead of shopping for bundle cigars and fancy ceramics or cool shades, why not just give them spa and wellness gift certificates? I'm pretty sure most have been curious about ventosa, or acupuncture, and almost everyone likes to get a massage. Introduce foreigner friends to tradtional hilot massage (and not the cloppety-clop of a Swedish one). Buy a slot in an Alexander technique workshop for people complaining of aches and pains, and a slot in a Buteyko workshop for asthmatics.

It will be new and interesting, and it will show that you really care about their health.

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