Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sta. Elena Fun Farm

I really wish I had known of this place earlier. But anyway, this post will be an offshoot of our Balik Bukid trip last weekend.

The Fun Farm is located inside the Sta. Elena Properties in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This was where the Balik Bukid Country Fair was held and I will now post something about what you can expect when you visit:
obstacle course/maze made of bamboo and a truck... and yes, all that space
rope setups like these to challenge kids on their balance and grip
the sandbox area is housed and kids can freely (and safely)  play in the swing, play with the sand or hang from all those ropes
these little girls did a lot of climbing there :)
and the sandbox house is really great for avoiding the midday heat
tire swings by the duck pond
lots of inspirational banners like this one
duck pond and fishing area
toddlers can get into trouble following the ducks around, haha, for they might end up going in the pond too
the opportunity to fish, and have someone thread in the worm bait through the hook :D (you have to throw back the fish caught though)
for the brave... a rope bridge across the manmade lake where people go boating
farm animals like pigs, cows, horses, sheep, etc
animal feeding areas for rabbits and guinea pigs
horses you can ride on
and a leisurely carabao cart ride
don't you love this wash area?
and there's a turkey coop too (I didn't get to visit the Pigeon House)
part of the adult obstacle course area
and yes, the kiddos can really wash all the sand, sweat and grime away before you end your visit

There is a bike trail and you can bring your own bike. You can also freely bring in your own food because they encourage picnics and communion with nature. Each guest has to pay P300 though and need to  make an appointment to make sure the place isn't reserved for an event on the day of the planned outing.

The place is really well-maintained and clean (as nature goes) but expect bugs (mosquitoes, ants and other insects) so feel free to let your child enjoy the fresh air, the sound of birds (and their own laughter) and the freedom to move.

You can course inquiries and reservations through the following:
Holy Carabao -
0918 8886588/0920 9131349

Sta. Elena -
02 886 8686/Mobile 0920 949 8260

Fun Farm Bookings -

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