Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Balik Bukid Country Fair - November 2012

Warning... this will be a rave :)

Well.. the Sta. Elena Fun Farm proved to be a heaven for little kids to roam around in and just really enjoy nature and stretch their bodies. So, I will focus on the country fair instead.

We didn't get to really check each stall because we were there for the kids to play. not really to shop. But there was enough array of goods for everyone in the family. Beauty products and toiletries, food (pastries, ice cream on sticks, meals, pizza, etc), accessories (bags, necklaces, etc), furniture (wooden, antiques), art, toys, games, clothes... it's a bazaar that won't really overwhelm and most (if not all) are healthy and organic (Hecky's lechon isn't really healthy but they use organic pigs!).

The price range for the food was between affordable (like the inasal chicken and barbecue I bought) to expensive (P100/bottle of iced tea or dalandan juice!).

Registration went well... we each got blue bracelets crocheted from plastic strips
loved this pesto pizza from Pizza Morena
they have their own brick oven at the pavilion
seller of Waldorf dolls
seller of Waldorf wooden toys
when was the last time you saw horses made from newspapers??? :)  This cost P500 for a small one though so, I'm guessing the paints they use are plant-based
notebooks and boxes, anyone?
woven bags perhaps?
produce fresly picked from Holy Carabao farm (the neighbor of Fun Farm)
I didn't go near this shop because they were selling Advent wreathes,,, haha, and I might buy one
aren't these bunnies super cute???
some of the food booths at the dining area
the seller of this antique was a Lasallian hubs knows
these were his other wares
yup, there was dancing too
and storytelling by the Acacia Waldorf teachers (they also offered craft activities for parents and kids)
and games... sack race, coco shell stilts, jumping rope, dodge ball
the wash area is just beside this, and the bike trail (where you can borrow bikes or bring your own, not really for big bikes and motorcycle helmets though)
The usual entrance to the Fun Farm is P300 for all activities but Balik Bukid charged P350 for those (I guess, to cover the cost of the extra manpower in all stations). However, if you just want the festive air and to shop, you can get in for free.
I love that they insisted on people bringing their own eco bags and cleaning as they go. I love that it wasn't so loud, there were so many activities and it didn't feel crowded (despite the large number of families that went). Starbucks was there too :) And lots of celebs. And a photobooth :)
Ultimately, it's a relaxing trip to the farm without having to worry about bringing in your own food (but you can, and can even borrow picnic mats from them) or not having anything to do while the kids played. And personally, I prefer this to the usual bazaars that happen in the city.

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