Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Tis The Season to Archive

True... most of us may not need enterprise data storage solutions at home just for our files, but as the year ends, it is the perfect time to remind you all to backup your files.

Most people aren't as OC as me who does it every two months or so. But even I have forgotten to encrypt some files before I transfer them in other hard disks and this miss has caused a lot others untold sadness as they say goodbye to files forever, instead of risking bringing their disks to a porfessional who might also discover that hidden video or photo.

Don't just backup on an external hard disk, invest in online galleries or buy your own cloud too, just so your files will always be spoken for and accessible.

Do these now, lest you forget and see yourself again in another year of making memories without having properly archived the previous one.

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