Thursday, October 25, 2012

National Museum Then, National Art Gallery Now

National Museum, Museum of the Filipino People and Planetarium have opened its doors (due to renovations going on) for free to all this month of October. Unfortunately, we only got to go mid-October so I am only posting about them now.

National Museum (old Senate Building, P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila) is now the National Art Gallery and thus exhibits the artworks of famous painters and sculptors. You can also see some wonderful wood workmanship from old buildings and homes here.

They are still in the process of completely transferring all other non-artwork to the Museum of the Filipino People though, so skeletons and body parts of some prehistoric/indigenous animals can still be found here.

Parking is in front of the building

Spolarium by Juan Luna (forgive me, this was a family day so we were always in the shots!)

facade of an old church in Bohol (if memory serves me right)

the exhibits brought me back to childhood days in the province

self-portrait by Luna... roguish, isn't he?

loved the parquet floors in the different exhibit rooms

Rizal's sculpture (Mother dog attacking a crocodile, trying to save her pup)... which was recreated using animal skeletons in one of the other exhibit rooms

Babywearing using T'nalak cloth (again, if memory serves me right, haha)

not a great picture but this was the old Session Hall, I think... and it would be lovely if this opened as an events venue to the public (if it isn't yet). Every inch of it IS majestic.

What is great about this museum is that it is open on Sundays so families can really come and spend a leisurely hour or two in their air-conditioned exhibit rooms.

You supposedly need a special permit to go in with your DSLR, which is why we just used hubs' iPhone.

Check out for more info.

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