Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guitar Gifting

In the US, there is the ever-reliable Fender Custom Shop for sweet guitars for your muscially-inclined husband or child. You can even choose according to price range or customer rating. They also offer free shipping to all states in the continental US.

In the Philippines, however, I think it's still RJ shops that are your best bet for electric guitars (unless you order online and have it shipped to a friend or family in the US, who will then gladly bring it to you when they visit).

Some shops in Quaipo also sell quality musical instruments for those on a budget, but shopping there isn't quite as convenient as gazing through racks and racks on display (because most of their wares are stacked or in the stock room and it's always cramped). Still, I guess walking away without your wallet going empty is reason enough to head over there and haggle.

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