Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Ground Coffee Means Lots of Things Free

I only just found out that you can go to any Starbucks (or most coffee shops for that matter) and ask for their ground coffee waste. And yes, you don't have to purchase anything from them. It's an environmental way of making sure their waste benefits other people.

What can you do with this ground coffee?

The easiest use for them is as deodorizer that's safe and green for bathrooms, refrigerators, trash cans and diaper bins.

You can also use them as deodorizer for cars.

You can use them as natural fertilizers for plants that prefer acidic soil... or in your composting and vermiculture needs.

You can use them as exfoliants and body scrubs (just add olive oil... I use them with soap... oh but they do 'stain' a little so those who want to whiten their skins shouldn't use these).

You can use them to dye things.

You can also maybe drive away ants from your home with these wonderful coffee grounds.

So... let's all help the coffee shops by bringing our own doggy bags and asking for some of their 'waste' for use at home.

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