Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fastened Things are Safe Things

One thing people keep forgetting when they decorate their homes is to fasten and/or secure their big furniture.

Take for example high shelves or big display cabinets. Even if you're not in an earthquake-prone area, an errant child can just as easily topple these over with a stubborn pull. Best to make sure to fasten them, using some hex head cap screws  or at least secure them with other items (like a storage chair or low shelf) so that if they do fall, there will be that gap to make sure no one will get really hurt.

You also want these items to help boost you up, in case you need it, and really hold whatever is put in them instead of leaning this way and that (and yes, best not to put heavy things on top shelves).

Do a quick inventory of your things and see how better you can secure your home from your own furniture.

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