Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dogs, Pasts, Rights and Monkeys

For parents (and homeschoolers) looking for activities to supplement their children's education... Museo Pambata is offering the following activities for the month of October :)

(from their FB page)

Take a look at an exhibit featuring man's best friend in “The Askals Club,” an exhibit where you can also learn about pet care and safety. “The Askals Club” exhibit will be open from October 4 until 11. This activity is done in cooperation with the Animal Kingdom Foundation.

Know what it's like being up close and personal with history, as told by an archaeologist. Learn more about excavations and traveling in a short discussion. (October 13, 10 AM)

Enjoy a theatrical performance about children's rights with Sipat Lawin Ensemble in “Sipat Lawin Presents” on October 20, 2 PM.

Join a storytelling session featuring a monkey hoping to win the heart of a princess in “Ang Prinsipeng Unggoy,” a book by Christine Bellen, illustrated by Hubert Fucio, and published by Anvil Publishing (October 27, 10 AM). The book is MP's book feature for the month of October.

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