Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dogs, Pasts, Rights and Monkeys

For parents (and homeschoolers) looking for activities to supplement their children's education... Museo Pambata is offering the following activities for the month of October :)

(from their FB page)

Take a look at an exhibit featuring man's best friend in “The Askals Club,” an exhibit where you can also learn about pet care and safety. “The Askals Club” exhibit will be open from October 4 until 11. This activity is done in cooperation with the Animal Kingdom Foundation.

Know what it's like being up close and personal with history, as told by an archaeologist. Learn more about excavations and traveling in a short discussion. (October 13, 10 AM)

Enjoy a theatrical performance about children's rights with Sipat Lawin Ensemble in “Sipat Lawin Presents” on October 20, 2 PM.

Join a storytelling session featuring a monkey hoping to win the heart of a princess in “Ang Prinsipeng Unggoy,” a book by Christine Bellen, illustrated by Hubert Fucio, and published by Anvil Publishing (October 27, 10 AM). The book is MP's book feature for the month of October.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

J. Co Donuts Are Less Sweet

Haha... well, in a nutshell, that's really what I took away from the experience of eating them (some 4 pieces).

Hubby told me about how he has been reading about J. Co Donuts & Coffee and that we should at least try them. So, in a date at MOA, we decided to brave the lines that reach up to the nearby entrance to SM Hypermart. It took us an hour to reach the counter (and this is on a weekday, just before office hours end) and get donuts.

The donuts were good. I really wouldn't say great. I like that they weren't sickeningly sweet, but the dough was so light and soft, it felt a little like cake. I missed that slightly crisped texture and most also lacked that cinnamon-y (?) flavor one associates with doughnuts.

We decided to get a dozen for P350 (I think)  because it would end up cheaper than getting just 6 (P230) or per piece (P45). Plus, my almost 5-year old can consume 2 doughnuts in one sitting so we need not worry about 'who's going to eat it all up' :)
The Alcapone (two at right most, the one topped with almonds) was my favorite... I liked the light crunch it offered. The white donuts with piped chocolate (second from left, top) is the Why Nut and is filled with pure peanut butter sans sugar, so again, not too sweet, but I like my peanut butter a little sweet. The Snow White (second from left, bottom) is filled with cream. The Heaven Berry (pink with white swirl) is filled with strawberry cream.

Hubs order 2 extra ones because the counter only had about 9 varieties to choose from when he ordered the dozen... and then these two flavors became available. Meet Mr. Green Tea and JCrown Oreo.
If you check the J. Co Donut & Coffee Facebook page, you'll see some supposedly 30 variants offered in the Philippines... but right now, with all the hype for this new treat, good luck if you can choose from among 10. Plus, if you'll notice, the donuts here do not look pleasing because of the demand for it... the staff can barely whip them out.
Will I buy them again? Sure... but I won't definitely line up that long for them again. I can wait for all the hype to die down. And, though I really enjoyed them, I can't say I enjoyed them enough for me to crave for them again.
Maybe because I have a sweet tooth?
Oh and yeah... they do taste better when warm :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Ground Coffee Means Lots of Things Free

I only just found out that you can go to any Starbucks (or most coffee shops for that matter) and ask for their ground coffee waste. And yes, you don't have to purchase anything from them. It's an environmental way of making sure their waste benefits other people.

What can you do with this ground coffee?

The easiest use for them is as deodorizer that's safe and green for bathrooms, refrigerators, trash cans and diaper bins.

You can also use them as deodorizer for cars.

You can use them as natural fertilizers for plants that prefer acidic soil... or in your composting and vermiculture needs.

You can use them as exfoliants and body scrubs (just add olive oil... I use them with soap... oh but they do 'stain' a little so those who want to whiten their skins shouldn't use these).

You can use them to dye things.

You can also maybe drive away ants from your home with these wonderful coffee grounds.

So... let's all help the coffee shops by bringing our own doggy bags and asking for some of their 'waste' for use at home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guitar Gifting

In the US, there is the ever-reliable Fender Custom Shop for sweet guitars for your muscially-inclined husband or child. You can even choose according to price range or customer rating. They also offer free shipping to all states in the continental US.

In the Philippines, however, I think it's still RJ shops that are your best bet for electric guitars (unless you order online and have it shipped to a friend or family in the US, who will then gladly bring it to you when they visit).

Some shops in Quaipo also sell quality musical instruments for those on a budget, but shopping there isn't quite as convenient as gazing through racks and racks on display (because most of their wares are stacked or in the stock room and it's always cramped). Still, I guess walking away without your wallet going empty is reason enough to head over there and haggle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bayani Brew: All Natural and Naturally Refreshing

It's brilliant, really. You often hear of health-conscious people boiling camote tops or lemongrass for their properties... so why not bottle them up indeed and serve cold?

Bayani Brew is yet another product coming out of the Gawad Kalinga farms. There is the lemongrass variant (which tastes more like regular iced tea, because of the calamansi mixed with the lemongrass and pandan) and the purple tea (made from camote tops... haha... it was like drinking a very weak and cold sinigang broth but I still liked it).

I just recently found out that the Breakfast Store along Katipunan Ave (Blueridge A side, across the bigger Banapple restaurant) is now selling these drinks. If you don't find yourself in that area, sweat not because they have an online store :)

So, if you want to offer refreshing drinks that are truly healthy and unique or want to also offer these in your restaurant, contact directly through e-mail at bayanibrew at gmail dot com.

Be part of this social innovation and bring back true health to drinks! :)

* By the way, these cost us P35 each at the GK Enchanted Farm Fair

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fastened Things are Safe Things

One thing people keep forgetting when they decorate their homes is to fasten and/or secure their big furniture.

Take for example high shelves or big display cabinets. Even if you're not in an earthquake-prone area, an errant child can just as easily topple these over with a stubborn pull. Best to make sure to fasten them, using some hex head cap screws  or at least secure them with other items (like a storage chair or low shelf) so that if they do fall, there will be that gap to make sure no one will get really hurt.

You also want these items to help boost you up, in case you need it, and really hold whatever is put in them instead of leaning this way and that (and yes, best not to put heavy things on top shelves).

Do a quick inventory of your things and see how better you can secure your home from your own furniture.

Flor's Farm and Garden

A friend just mentioned that her daughter is going to this farm for their field trip. When I checked out their website, I was immediate sold to the value of the farm because I saw the respected country herbalist (Doc Jimmy Tan) conducted a lecture there last May.

Yes, I'm easy that way. Or rather, I know the experts on natural healing.

Anyway, Flor's Farm and Garden is a 5-hectare property located at Sitio Tanza, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo. Just near it is Carolina Bamboo Garden.

The place offers a rest house with a pool, which would make it ideal for a family getaway that will be both relaxing, healthy and educational. They're also great for immersion or field trips for the young and old, as they can teach you the basics of organic farming.

Check them out:
Flor's Farm and Garden
Mobile: +63 919-556.7121 / Landline: (632) 635.60.92
Adress: Sitio Tanza, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo

Friday, September 07, 2012

Dainty Ashley Hair Trinkets

If you're looking for quality hair trinkets for your baby fashionistas, or just really huge flowers on headbands or blooms on bare feet (just some ballet birthday ideas for you), then Dainty Ashley is the shop you are looking for.

Making hair/head decorations for little girls as a business is the result of blessing a crafty, creative momma with a baby girl. What else is she to do, right?

I also love it that Mai, the creative genius behind Dainty Ashley, has named her designs after daughters of friends. I keep kidding her that she's the bane of moms of daughters because they wouldn't be able to resist her wares.

Check out her upcoming collections!


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Shop, Feast, Play and Unwind at Balik Bukid Part 2

Last May 24's Balik Bukid Country Fair saw people borrowing local mats to use for picnics, shopping for organic products (from produce to scented products, even toys), buying plants for urban farming, stocking up on naturalist medicines and just enjoying everything that's fresh and fun there to do and sell.

Good thing there's a part 2 happening on November 17, 2012. Entrepreneurs wishing to sell their organic products can contact balikbukid at gmail dot com while families can rally their friends and clan to have a family day at Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Gawad Kalinga's Enchanted Farm Countryside Fair

Looking for something to that's fun, different, healthy and outdoors? Look what's been circulating in FB walls:
 September 9, 2012
9 AM to 4 PM

Calling all foodie enthusiasts! Are you ready for the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family? Gawad Kalinga, together with the Department of Agrarian Reform, bring you ENCHANTED FARM COUNTRY SIDE FAIR. A place where great food, fun & festivities await you!

Register through the EF Secretariat at 0917.581.7458 or

Head on out to the Enchanted Farm where you can discover the magic of our land. Eat, shop, have fun, help end poverty! See you there!
For those who do not know, Gawad Kalinga is the movement that provides jobs and homes to so many people, whose products include Human Heart Nature products (organic and environment-friendly products made using local resources). This makes this fair very important because it will be VERY Filipino and surely inspiring.
Don't forget to bring your own coolers (if you want to shop for fresh produce), eco bags and cash :)
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