Monday, August 06, 2012

Give the Gift of Plants

I know, most peple would say that they do not have a green thumb at all. But they will also not discover if they can keep a plant alive if they don't have any. For young children though, plants can be their beginner pets, something to test their capacity for added responsibilities.

And for Manila residents, the gift of plants may be the start of urban farming for them since oregano can provide us with tea (not just cough remedy) and basil can enrich our pastas (both are small plants too, easy to maintain).

And yes, it's better to give plants that are already in pots rather than seeds, because the recipient may feel hassled by having to get soil, worm, fertilizer and what-not.

In fact, I think it would be really cool if plants in guy wolff pottery are given to newlyweds since starting their own garden can be symbolic of the union and whatever it will bear fruit.

Give the gift of plants next time you're stumped. There are enough Sunday markets to get them from, or just go to Market, Market or the Bureau of Plant Industry.

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