Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bigger Isn't Always Better With Ink

As hubby and I were buying hp toner cartridges for our printer, we were asked if we'd rather buy the bigger (more volume) ones because they are cheaper in the end.

We were really tempted, because the HP cartridges we need cost us thousands everytime we change the black and color ones. However, we also realized just in time that we don't really print stuff all the time. That means, we have had more than one occasion of a cartridge running dry so the bigger cartridge is certainly not for us because our printing needs are minimal.

That is something households like ours should remember when buying things. Check your needs and requirements first... because sometimes, you may actually be saving more by not buying the bigger pack.

Of course, our printing needs are about to change in the near future as we start tackling worksheets. But that's still about a year away. Right now, I just try to remember to print a picture once in a while to make sure our cartridges aren't running dry.

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