Friday, August 24, 2012

Bag Tag Giveaways

One thing you can do at parties for giveaways is to send your kiddie guests with a personalized bag tag. All you will need is a printer, some paper and cutter and bag tag container.

Or, if you want a sturdier one, check out for something you can use, and maybe just have a special cutter ready to cut holes in them for the ribbon/strap.

This kind of giveaway will at least be very useful and won't gather dust. Plus, not many are doing it so it's sure to be a hit!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toy Expo 2012 at SMX Convention Center

SM's Toy Kingdom is bringing the first ever Toy Expo in the Philippines in a four-day "toy experience" at SMX Convention Center from August 23-26, 2012. The expo occupies Halls 3-4 of SMX and will be open  from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

How do I know this? I attended the cocktail launch and just had to hurry my husband to pick up our kiddos so they could enjoy the lifesize figures of beloved robots and superheroes. Believe me, it was a bummer having to wait for them (in my high heels, no less) before I went around the exhibits.

Here are some of the things you can see/expect (note please that I have boys so I noticed and went to the areas that are more their thing):

The first time I even knew of this toy brand was just this week, when I saw a friend post a picture in her FB wall. They're cute and there are sooo many animal families and dollhouses to gawk over.

I think little girls will be thrilled to just be there, and have a picture taken in what seems to be Barbie's house. I didn't really look around there although I did see more variants of the Barbie Mermaid :)

Another area which is sure to tickle moms of daughters, I'm sure. I love how there are beds inside to showcase the Hello Kitty pillows!


These dolls were held as 2010's "hottest toy" and winner of People's Play Awards. I didn't really check them out though (again, because I have boys).

My sons avoided most PINK areas :D
With rumors that a Toy Story 4 is in the works, you may not be done with Buzz and Woody just yet... so you may feel justified about investing more. Fortunately for us, we have sooooo many Toy Story items already that my sons didnn't even notice what's being sold here. And well, frankly speaking, I prefer the ones we bought from Disneyland over what I see here.

Wanted to take a pic of my son by this wall... so I could caption it, "Princesses meet Prince Charming" but my son wasn't charmed by the idea :D

Think Baby Alive, My Little Pony and Play-Doh. Little girls can play with Baby Alive dolls (even change their nappies)... and children can create with the different Play-Doh maker sets to see which one they'd really love to bug their parents about.


Love these tables and seats that are also storage for toys... wonder where we could get some :D
All the plastic playground you can want!

Haha... we seldom really go to the mall for amusement so the lifesize figures really rocked my son's world.

Hot Rod
Small Optimus
big Optimus (towering over all!)

Marvel Superheroes featured greatly in the expo, with two sets of the life-sized Avengers on display (Thor is bigger at the Marvel area). There are also nicer masks of fave superheroes for your role-playing child.


There are enough construction sets there for just building purposes... or storytelling and/or role-playing. :)

Oh my! Lego couldn't help but endear itself to me after showcasing Philippine sights/landmarks in a big-scale Legoland. How cool can they be?! A lot of their sets are also on sale... they're located to the right (if you enter from Hall 3) and they have a play area with Duplo blocks (with chairs near them! This is important for those whose feet will tire, hehe).

Visayas region... note the Chocolate Hills, Boracay, San Juanico Bridge and Plaza Independencia

I am just really thankful that we have enough toy cars and trucks that my boys didn't bug us about buying more. Having samples to play with was a nice touch too, since it can prove that such toys can withstand more wear and tear from a boy's rough play. There's plenty of Hot Wheels products (a cool race track lets them rip) and a Tomica installation to make Dads drool (haha).


Think Speed-Tech toys with planes gliding effortlessly or r/c cars doing awesome stunts via remote. Make sure to ask to see the Spy Cam II (flying spy cam).

My son absolutely had fun with his shooting experience with these toys. They're offering more intense versions of their products and your child may get to try them out.

Loved this area because it's so orange and interactive. Our kids had fun playing this life-sized 'board' game. And for those who love her, there were enough Dora stuff to be bought.


You know their products, now, you can sample those educational toys to determine what best suits your needs. Or pockets :)

For only P8,000, you can purchase the Leap Pad 2... or try using one to see what the fuss is all about :)

(unfortunately for my son, his mom is a Waldorf Mom!)

This area is at the back of the middle part of the expo, and it's all about gaming. The set was designed  by TF Design and showcases the latest game consoles. Too bad  I didn't have a business card to throw in the fish bowl since they raffled off an XBOX 360 and a Nintendo Wii. My son absolutely loved racing a car while other kids just loved trying out the other games. I can tell this area will be a hit and people will be lining up to experience full body tracking only these games can offer.

somebody assisted my son to play Gran Tursimo 5

How about Bumblebee in disguise?

Or Bandai?

Fisher Price is selling a lot of what we already have... or see.

Now... there are some parts in the area of Hall 3 where the A/C seems to be leaking from the ceiling, so there may be puddles of water near the area of Monster High and Trash Pack (leftmost, at the back).

Also, much as I was thrilled to bring my boys there, I was also rather disappointed that the first ever Toy Expo in the country didn't offer a greater variety of toys. Except for the dolls, most were battery operated and made of plastic. I honestly went there hoping for a huge array of wooden toys as well, even if I know that these character/electronic toys sell more, because I am a firm believer of the adage  "the more a toy does, the less a child thinks." I mean, sure, a child can learn how to better fly a remote control plane... but I'd rather have a child 'see' planes in different objects and fly them himself.

That being said, part of the proceeds from purchases during the expo will benefit the Habagat 2012 victims... and the popular brands ARE offering discounts on favorites and new offerings. So, yes, it may be worth your while to go there and do some emergency shopping :)
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