Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harvest Rain for Home Use

In one hand, I guess it's really easier for those still just building their homes to install tanks and rain harvester/water recycling systems. If they take advantage of">discount pool parts> and recycle rain water, that will be a lot of savings there to cater to entertainment and exercise. Or at least, you can utilize rainwater for toilet flushing, or doing the laundry (like we do at my grandma's house in the province).

But even those without yards can take advantage of the incessant rainy climate that has been plaguing the country for most of the year in recent years. Buckets can be placed in porches (or just anywhere outside) where collected water can be used to clean garages, roofs, porches and even the bathroom. The same water may be used for watering plants and maybe washing car tires at least.

This can save you some money from the rising charges of water companies (people from an e-group have been complaining of sudden increases in their Maynilad bills) and also provides an opportunity to be resourceful and helpful to the planet. It also makes for many teachable moments with your children.

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