Thursday, July 26, 2012

Target's Summer Cyber Week

Taget has been inundating my e-mail with alerts on what's on sale in their online store all week. I am loving the "save like it's Cyber Monday all week long" because at least, one doesn't have to wait for November to enjoy great deals.

I wouldn't even be surprised if they offer Mod Kits DIY Amplifiers for sale or other musical instruments (a Paper Jamz pro Guitar is on sale!) and accessories. I am loving the current deals on laptops though.

Just manage your funds well and don't overindulge... but take advantage of the savings!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soft Launch of Homeschooling Solutions

Homeschooling Solutions is having its soft launch of enrichment classes in Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas soon. :) Details in the photo. :D

Note that it said LIMITED SLOTS only... but this really is a great way for homeschooling families to come together and provide the stimulation, socialization and exploration their children need.

Monday, July 16, 2012

3-Day Training on "Healing Ourselves from Medicine"

Healing Ourselves from Medicine is a book by Joaquin Tan, renowned Philippine anthroposophist. This is a book description I got from Amazon of the book:

Healing Ourselves From Medicine, based on thirty years of practical experience, provides a detailed working manual for the application of the principles of an anthroposophical approach to medicine that can be utilized by anyone. At the same time, it clearly explains the philosophical underpinnings of this unique approach to self-healing. This writing will prove to be an invaluable aid for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human health and illness. “Humanity is at war with itself. On many fronts, humans are fighting each other in a silent but raging and devastating war. Medicine is a key battleground in this conflict. On one side stand the forces advocating for the full mechanization of the human being—looking at old age as a disease, and damaged organs as mere body parts that can be replaced with other similar body parts. On the other side stand humans who want to advance a more profound, dignified, and spiritual view of the human being and the healing process. In this epochal conflict, Jake Tan has clearly placed his future with the forces that would resist the mechanization of humanity. Jake is bringing an important message that deserves to be heard, especially in a time when humanity is making fateful decisions that will determine the future direction and condition of subsequent generations. Will we choose to mechanize ourselves and solve the ‘problem’ of ‘illness’ and ‘old age’ by attempting to transfer human consciousness into the bodies of super-intelligent machines? Or will we view biological ‘defects,’ illness, holistic health, and death as essential for the spiritual evolution of humanity? In the end, you, as readers, will also have to make a choice. May Jake’s book help guide you in making that choice.” - Nicanor Perlas, Author, Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power, and Threefolding, and Recipient, The Right Livelihood Award

The seminar is sure to cover basic anthroposophical beliefs about the human body and diseases as well as managing common illnesses and using food (local and organic) as cure.

This is great for parents (with those trying to conceive, pregnant ones and ones with small chldren to benefit the most)... people looking for a different  way to heal... people into natural healing... or people curious about homeopathy and maybe even organic farming :)

"Healing Ourselves From Medicine" (a 3-day training with Joaquin G. Tan) September 28-30, 2012. Organized by Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines. See poster for details or contact Sandy Itchon at 2167016 /

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mapping Financial Freedom with Financial Advisors

Some insurance companies offer financial advisor services, which, if you have the disposable income, might greatly benefit your family. These people will sit with you and your family and, given your particular circumstances (earnings, investments, liabilities) will help you come up with a workable financial plan that you can commit to. What's more, you would have a better understanding of where your money (the one you set aside monthly/annually) goes and how it can work for you. You can even consult with them on mutual funds, best indexed annuities and other things financial.

Managing your finances better, no matter how much you're worth, is sure to give you a better sense of security and truer sense of freedom. Whether you have your own business or is just an employee, you can work out a plan to have retirement savings you can enjoy someday.

So, consider meeting with one, at least.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

RJ Academy of Music

This, I didn't know before. I thought RJ Planet/Bisto only sells guitars and that was that... but there is actually an RC Academy of Music where people of all ages can learn to play instruments like a professional. The rates start at P3,200 for 3 lessons (I guess for those who just really want to test if they have the aptitude for this skill)... while keyboardists who want to make better music off their roland fantom g8 can go the distance of 12 lessons for P7,200.

Not bad, eh?

Lessons are held at their nine branches (inquire at these shops directly):
(1) Level 1, East Wing, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Ave., Quezon City, (2) Glorietta 5 at Ayala Center, Makati City, (3) Ground Level, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay Boulevard, Pasay City, (4) 2nd Level Festival Supermall, Alabang (5) Upper Ground Floor SM City Annex North Avenue Quezon City, (6) Upper Ground Floor SM City Rosario, Cavite, (7) SM Fairview, Novaliches, Q.C. , (8) Lower Ground Floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, (9) SM Southmall, Las PiƱas City.

Just check out their facebook page at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harvest Rain for Home Use

In one hand, I guess it's really easier for those still just building their homes to install tanks and rain harvester/water recycling systems. If they take advantage of">discount pool parts> and recycle rain water, that will be a lot of savings there to cater to entertainment and exercise. Or at least, you can utilize rainwater for toilet flushing, or doing the laundry (like we do at my grandma's house in the province).

But even those without yards can take advantage of the incessant rainy climate that has been plaguing the country for most of the year in recent years. Buckets can be placed in porches (or just anywhere outside) where collected water can be used to clean garages, roofs, porches and even the bathroom. The same water may be used for watering plants and maybe washing car tires at least.

This can save you some money from the rising charges of water companies (people from an e-group have been complaining of sudden increases in their Maynilad bills) and also provides an opportunity to be resourceful and helpful to the planet. It also makes for many teachable moments with your children.


Premier Philippine anthroposophists Jake and Bella Tan have just released the schedule for their "15-DAY INTENSIVE BEGINNER’S COURSE IN WALDORF/STEINER EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION for next year (2013)".

The course starts on January 17 and will be held every Thursdays-Saturdays thereafter for 15 sessions and will cover introduction to anthroposophy, Waldorf Education and activities integral to Waldorf Education (like playing instruments, wet on wet painting).

The course will most benefit teachers, parents, individuals interested in self-development or people at crossroads and wondering what to do next.

I took this course early this year and I credit it with a lot of changes that happened to me, and pursuits that I am into now. Yes, life-changing is how I will describe it. A lot about anthroposophy resonated in me... and it has helped me become a more intentional parent which is why I highly recommend it to everyone who can keep an open mind.

For more information... click on the  poster for details or contact us at / 3715688 / 09178386315. Thank you!

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