Friday, June 01, 2012

The Bina Wrap: Multiway Fashion Staple

I will admit to the fact that I am a fan of multiway clothes. When you have something that converts into different styles, then you ca accessorize at will and the money you spent on it will be well invested because it's something that won't grow old... or stale.

So, when I saw the Bina on Youtube, I just really fell in love.

One thing I loved about it is that it's not like those multiway dresses that promise you so many styles but you end up just using it for one or two, because there are issues about the knots and the special bra/chest support you'd require.

The Bina wrap is an accessory, mostly, and was designed to just really spice up your wardobe (but you can wear it as a top). I do not have great pics of myself wearing it (because I've been using it as nursing cover with my baby when we go out) but here's a few thathopefully gives you an idea of its versatility:

worn as poncho

makes for a really long, un-styled scarf (tying it in a knot around my neck isn't for this summer trip)

haha.. here I did the back wrap wrong, but I think it still looked okay (the Bina's just too crumpled here though because my son was wrapped in it just before the shoot)

in the turtleneck style, only I didn't close the snaps

If there's something that convertible, multiway clothes tell us... it's that fashion clothes need never be thrown away. They also need not serve just one purpose or give you just one look.

I love my Bina and want more in other colors. Of course, the price ($42.50) makes me think twice about buying more but I might just order another one come Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, just check out their website at for tutorials on how-to as well as link to their videos. Supposedly, there are 12 ways to use it so that's about $3.54 per style :)  At least, the Bina wrap won't take up much space.

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