Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bacolod's C's for Coffee, Cakes and Chocolate

Just across Balay Quince (where a Calea branch is located), near the hotel we stayed in (Saltimboca), and along one of the main roads of Bacolod City is L'Fisher Hotel's bakeshop called C's. We decided to try it first before we dined at Calea because it was less popular and we wanted to 'save the best for last'. Unfortunately, we were so right.

the place actually looks nice, but you'd really see the contrast of patrons when you look across at jampacked Calea

a slice of Swiss Chocolate crunch... costs around P90 (too lazy to find the receipt) and I super do not recommend it; the crunch part tasted like pure oil and the cake was dry

I forgot what kind of cheesecake... it was okay and well, their cakes are stacked high so I guess they were also filling, albeit, in a really non-satisfying way.

So, why blog about C's if I cannot say anything nice about their cakes? Or coffee and chocolate? Because, honestly, our hot beverages were also too sweet.

Well, because they do have one redeeming factor: their bakery.

We took advantage of their Buy 1, Take 1 deals and all the bread we ended up buying were great. Try to get a hand of their floss breads.

And oh, their oatmeal cookies were just really divine. I'm not that big a fan of oatmeal cookies but their chocolate chip oatmeal ones were just so great. They were the right sweetness, moistness and the texture was perfect. Plus, they only cost P30 each. I swear, I prefer their cookies to Mrs. Field's so I made sure I took some home to Manila.

So, if ever you are looking for fresh bread and chocolate chip cookies, head over to C's.

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