Friday, June 29, 2012

Anvil Publishing Is on Sale!

I have been waiting for them to have another mega sale like the one I went to in 2009 where I got a lot of books (77 in all) for only over P1,000.

This year's Anvil Publishing Sale is happening every weekend for these dates:
June 29-30 and July 1
July 6-8
July 13-15
July 20-22
July 27-29

It's going to be held at 107 West drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on Adarna storybooks, other storybooks, old novels, books to give away for parties or Christmas (and even to donate). Just come hydrated, in comfy clothes and maybe even a mask or gloves if you're allergic to dust (because the books will come from old storage, well, maybe not all... but paper invites dust).

If it's the same venue as I went to, it's also going to be crowded and hot (aside from musty) so you might want to leave the kiddos at home.

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