Saturday, May 12, 2012

Victoria's Milling Company, Negros Occidental

Normally, a sugar mill and refinery will only be in your itinerary if you were part of a school field trip. But when in Bacolod, a visit to Victoria's Milling Company in Victorias City is a must. Yes, it is maybe over an hour away but you cannot be in the sugar capital of the country and not visit one of its oldest sugar mills.

trucks transporting sugar cane to the mills are massive

their load, amazing

sample of the housing provided to the employees by VMC which reminded me of UP campuses

the scent of the air here is that of brown sugar, and it's worth it just to breathe that kind of air... i'm telling you!

going to the Chapel of the Angry Christ, you have to pass by this weigh bridge

they used to be called Iron Dinosaurs, transporting sugar cane and milled sugar across the Negros region

To arrange official tours or for more information, just contact VMC:
VMC Factory Head OfficeVICMICO, Victorias City 6119
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Telefax No.: +63.34.399-3378

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