Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pirose, Fashion and Nursing Scarf

Used for fashion, the Pirose scarf manufactured by Reno Rose allows for at least 13 looks, from a head scarf, neck scarf (multiple ways!), beach/pool poncho/coverup and something to pin corsages to in really formal occasions.

Used by moms, it can also serve as a nursing cover or a stroller cover for your baby.

I have been in love with the Pirose ever since I saw it on the net but I couldn't justify the price. I have also initiated contact with the manufacturer for possible exclusive distribution here, but I also have doubts as to my capacity as seller.

Anyway, good thing I found an Ebay seller selling it for like half-price so I was able to treat my sister and myself to one. Unfortunately, I ordered the smaller size and it feels a little off. I should have trusted my judgment that Reno was a petite ballerina and I'm not. Plus, I wanted to use it as breastfeeding cover.

That boo-boo aside, I still loved it when I wore it for the first time. My sis is also rocking hers... so I might just order more.

me, breastfeeding in the Mayo

my sis in the Juli (she's a lot thinner than I am but stands 5'8" or so)

During my e-mail exchange with the manufacturer, he suggested to start with the smaller size because he's heard feedback that it's harder to manage the excess fabric of the larger sizes. But if you're using it for nursing and you're around my height (5'4"), I suggest to really go for the larger size (size M or L in the fashion sizes, size 2 in the motherhood sizes).

It's also great to just tie on your bag and really easy to use to accessorize. Will post more pics when I use it in other ways :)

For more info and to see other designs available, just log onto renorose.com :)  The site also has a video tutorial.

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