Friday, May 11, 2012

Merci Bakeshop, Great Pasalubong from Bacolod

On one hand, I declare that all baked goods in Bacolod are sweet, so I was really craving some savory breads when we were there. And no, it's not really a complaint because we did enjoy those breads.

Anyway, Merci Pasalubong is probably the equivalent of a 7-11 Bakeshop in Bacolod, in the sense that they're everywhere (but aren't open 24/7). And since my friend decided to welcome us there with Napoleones from Merci, then I assume that theirs is the best.

this branch was walking distance from Saltimboca

typical bakery fare

the big box of Napoleones costs P130 in the regular bakeshop and costs P145, I think, at the airport... it also expires in 3 days (7 if stored in the ref)

So, if you're ever in Bacolod and looking for something to bring the best of Bacolod to your family and friends, please make sure you visit a Merci Bakeshop and splurge on their baked goodies.


Mustachio said...

Where is this located? Kind of confused coz the title says Bacolod, but one caption on your photo says a branch is beside One Lourdes Dormitel..which is in Iloilo?

Mec said...

sorry Mustachio... I meant Saltimboca :) It is in Bacolod (but some Merci products can be bought at Robinson's groceries)

Mustachio said...

Thanks for the clarification Mec! I'll try their napoleones some day :)

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