Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Greenlife Soup

I bought this box (20 packets per box) of Greenlife soup during my Waldorf crash course from the brother of the formulator, Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan.

The beauty of this organic veggie soup is that it's just like any instant soup. The funny thing too is that it tastes like the usual instant noodles, without the salt and preservatives.

My husband, however, says that "it smells like fruit and tastes like chicken" :)

Anyway, it consists of eight power vegetables and is perfect for everyday use... or when you're travelling and feel you're not eating right. My son loves it with egg

The eight vegetables that were flash frozen and powderized in this one are:
cucurbita maxima - squash
moringa oleifera - malunggay
abelmoschus esculentus - okra
corchorus olitorius - saluyot
ipomoea batatas - sweet potato
capsicum frutescens - cayenne pepper
centella asiatica - takip kuhol (gotu kola)
spinacia oleracea - spinach

For distributors (you could apply to be one), you can check the Greenlife site:

Or their main distributor:

Greenlife also offers a veggie plus juice drink (love it too!), veggie coffee and syrup for kids.

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