Sunday, April 22, 2012

Water, Sunscreen and Headphones: Summer Essentials for People on the Go

If your job is more field work, your idea of fun involves the outdoors and you travel for long periods of time, the summer heat may get to you... and even turn an otherwise regular day into a bad day. What's more, if you're not properly equipped to handle the heat, you may get sick.

Here are some summer essentials you might want to keep on your person all the time.
1) Hydration system - the best, of course, is just plain water. But for some, it helps to have an icy concoction of calamansi juice (or anything citrusy) and honey. It is both refreshing and energizing without all the extra empty calories.

2) Skin protection - think Vitamin E, lots of sleep, moisturizers and sunscreen. The summer sun can be quite cruel to our skin and we have to remember that it is our first defense from germs. Plus, wrinkles never really did anything for one's vanity.

3) Entertainment - don't think you have to have multiple options always readily available to you, though with smart phones, it's quite easy. Just have your beyerdynamic headphones for your phone or media player for soothing music, awakening music or just so you can tune out the conversations of the people commuting with you. Traffic may also be the perfect time to just listen to that self-help e-book. For those who don't like straining their eye with gadgets, you can also just have a footsack to use as stress ball or practice juggling with (there is a study that shows juggling has improved the cases of Alzheimer's patients).

Don't get bored, dizzy, groggy, sick or upset... the summer heat is here to stay, so might as well be forearmed. Anyway, it does also mean no floods and beach season.

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