Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trappist Monastery - Guimaras

The Trappist Monastery has become a tourist spot in the island of Guimaras. Honestly, there really was nothing spectacular about the Church but I guess the presence of monks give the place a more ethereal feel.

We did enjoy our short visit with one of the monks at the dispensary across the chapel. He was very jolly and told us he's maximizing the time he is allowed contact with outsiders (since he's in charge of dispensing free medicine to those who come knocking on their doors). He did gently ask for donations (for use to purchase the medicines) in exchange for prayers.

the monk waved to us all the way from there

The usual highlight of the stop here, other than praying, is the visit to their gift shop. Again, the selection isn't that great but this is how the abbey raises funds for its projects so it's still great to contribute somehow by purchasing something. It's not a shop where one can find great gifts for dad from daughter but there's enough ginger tea, shirts and liniments there, as well as cookies and butterscotch for the kids.

We have yet to try the mango concentrate we bought from there. Anyway, it's still a great stop for the inland tour.

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