Friday, April 13, 2012

Pilgrimage at Garin Farm

The pilgrimage being offered at Garin Farm Inland Resort is 456 steps of wonderful scenery (one with nature) and devotion inspired by the stops going up, scupltured scenes of key events in the Bible. At the top is the 101 foot Divine Mercy Cross.

From their webiste:

"Carefully crafted by local artists for almost a decade, each scene realistically depicts the important events in the Holy Bible, allowing the guest to experience and reflect on the supremacy of the Almighty... As you gaze upon the cross and the lovely backdrop, you will surely be humbled by, yet proud of, the graces from the Higher Power regardless your faith or religion."

I couldn't have put it any better. One cannot miss how small we are, and how great the force is working on the universe, as you climb up. And it's not really a tough climb because the rise of the steps are low... it could prove hot though.

You wouldn't see the stops tucked wonderfully behind those trees. There are also some resting benches and chairs along the way up.
I am taken already by this low beam that serves as the entrance that reminded us of humility as the key to eternity, and required us to duck (bow) so we can enter
The reflection starts with the Garden of Eden, followed by Noah's Ark (with animals and an ark!) and the Ten Commandments
Jesus' entry into Jerusalem
my favorite scenery... crucifixion and death (I tell you, you will want to pray)
the cross at the top
the view from the top

I actually have pictures of each scene but I don't want to spoil it for people. It is really such a lovely place. People who cannot climb the stairs can hire golf carts from the pavillion (P60) and drive to the Cross (and the cart path is again hidden from view, even from those climbing up...) but they'd miss the sculptures.

It's also really windy here but people are well-advised to put on sunscreen. For those going up without water bottles, have no fear, a mini store selling water and some other drinks can be found at the top. Yeah, considerate entrepreneurship for you.

I noticed there were lamp posts going up so I am assuming you can still go up there at night, and someday, I'd like to do just that. Be at the top at sunset and just really marvel at God's creations, inspired by the love the artists gave into their work, and the great inspiration that went into Garin Farm.

For more information, check out their website: or contact them at:
Phone Numbers:
(+63) 033 314 75 55
(+63) 916 667 6851

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