Saturday, April 21, 2012

Original La Paz Batchoy by Deco's

Since a Deco's branch is available at Robinson's Iloilo that is walking distance from our hotel (One Lourdes Dormitel), we decided to eat there before we go to the pier and head on to Bacolod. It would be almost sacrilegious not to try la paz batchoy in its most original form, after all.

the sign inviting us to partake of food that is part of Ilonggo history

the inviting interior of the Deco's branch at Robinson's

their menu is pretty limited, but I guess that's part of the appeal

The batchoy was really good... weirdly enough, I thought it tasted just like the one we had at that JM Carinderia outside of Raymen in Guimaras. My husband said that it tasted many miles better, but at least we agree that it was really delicious.

I also really loved the fact that they employ deaf people. That will always appeal to my heartsrings.

the Super batchoy (right) is only really slightly bigger than the regular (special), and I think any person can finish the Super-sized serving of batchoy easily; No need to get into a meidfast diet program even if you're eating at Deco's regularly

we also tried their callos on rice combo... for about P90, I think, it's a fair price... the callos was good but my hubby's family grew up eating callos so their standards are pretty high (even the one served at Casa Armas doesn't hold a candle to what MIL cooks)

and because people in forums raved about it, we also ordered the Manapla puto being offered at Deco's... either we got an old batch, or it's really not the real thing. Per hubs' and MIL's feedback: "Eh, Goldilocks' puto tastes better... and we don't even buy that!" It was really rather tasteless, I didn't know what to make of it (also note, I grew up eating puto from Batangas!)

Now, here's an incident that I didn't like.

I ordered a boiled egg and assummed they would put it in one of the batchoys. So, I specifically asked them to put it in a separate container  (because my son might not eat a wet egg). Our orders came and I saw one with an egg in it, so I had to ask if that was part of the serving or if it was our extra order. I got annoyed by the short, impolite reply that they always put the extra order of egg in with the batchoy. So, I reminded her that I had specifically asked for the egg to be served another way... and could I just have an extra bowl for it.

That cashier did not even apologize. I talked to them in English and unless she also cannot understand that, then she couldn't plead language barrier. And again, she did not apologize. Instead, she rattled off in Ilonggo to another staff.

Also, despite the restaurant not being full, none of the staff promptly reacted to our requests of extra forks, water, napkins, etc. I kept having to get up and get them from the counter myself. And again, no one apologized that we were not being served (it's not like we were shouting our requests).

Honestly, I almost threw a hissy fit for what I felt was poor service. So, yeah, even though the batchoy there was great... I don;t think I would be recommending that branch.

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