Monday, April 16, 2012

One Lourdes Dormitel

One Lourdes Dormitel was a truly good referral from forums because its location was great. It's walking distance (two blocks away) from Robinsons Iloilo and the old market (where you ride jeeps going to San Joaquin). Taxi drivers might not easily find it though, but you can say that it's near the corner of Ledesma and Fuentes Streets, at the East West Bank side (across the Colegio de las Hijas). My husband kept telling me how much he appreciated the location of the hotel (since we ran several errands for ice cream, chocolates, mineral water and medicine). It also only cost P7.50 to go to and from Breakthrough Restaurant and the Villa Arevalo area.
Contacting them was very easy via e-mail. They also gave us the option to just pay a deposit when we check in, so I didn't have to send money through a bank anymore.

We booked a family room (P1,045/night) and a double twin room (P860) there because I wasn't sure of the dimensions of a matrimonial bed. It turned out that it's a queen-sized bed and our family room (having two of those) ended up being bigger than the family room we stayed in at Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras. We could have all stayed in the same room and there was plenty of space to move around, and there were two huge cabinets to stash your things in.

my picture doesn't do the space justice; aircon worked quite well

we'd have appreciated another table by the large mirror fronting the CR and maybe a trash can inside the room

there was no tub, just hot and cold shower; there wasn't a rug to wipe wet feet with too; toilettries provided were the standard small soap bar and shampoo

The twin room felt cramped compared to the family room; it was just right for two people but for an extra P185, I really loved the space in the family room

My son loved this hotel best during our trip and wanted to go back here. Then again, he was a fan of the elevator. But really, I can't imagine staying anywhere else in Iloilo.

One Lourdes has a cafe at the lobby and you can order from them till 10 PM. I suggest you eat elsewhere though, not because their food was bad (it was okay) but because there's plenty of choices in the city. They would also heat up food for you, should you happen to have leftovers from the restuarnts you tried, for a fee (P50).

After checking out, they allowed us to leave our luggage so we can grab lunch at Robinsons.

For inquiries and reservations about One Lourdes Dormitel:
Cor. Fuentes – Ledesma Sts,
Iloilo City 5000
Telephone Number: (63)(33) 338 4288; 335 8572 / 337 8734

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