Saturday, April 21, 2012

Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath Cares for Mommy’s Skin Too

Last March 12, Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath invited mommies to have a rare chance to chat with Mrs. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo on Facebook . Aside from mommy tips and advice that were swapped, the celebrity mom also reminded all the other moms about taking care of oneself and how easily it can be incorporated in activities we do with our kids. We often do forget about us, don’t we?

It was very timely really since summer heat often means more bath times for little ones as they tend to sweat more and are usually engaged in outdoor activities this time of the year. One big question from a mom of boys with sensitive skin though is this: how do you keep giving them baths without running their skin dry? And how do you also keep having fun with them while also keeping your skin moisturized?

Happily enough, the answer is Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath, which give the best gentle care by nourishing the skin with the goodness of milk and Vitamins A & E.

It is really a common activity in our home, me putting my boys in their respective tubs to cool them down during the day for their afternoon nap, and as part of our bedtime routine. The downside of that usually means getting wet myself, or really sweaty, so I almost always end up showering too. A practical approach to this is to use a product that is gentle enough for my sons’ skin but can also provide all the moisturizing I need. And since it’s not a hygienic habit to share soap, Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath as a communal liquid soap makes sense. Thus, when I was approached for this sponsored post, I didn’t even have to think twice about saying YES.

Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath thanked some of those who joined the live chat by sending token gift packs. I actually gave mine to a cousin who just gave birth (along with other newborn necessities), figuring that it’s something she will super appreciate since she has two other kids she can share the products with. For those who weren’t able to take part in that first live chat, videos at the Johnson's Baby Philippines Facebook Page are posted of Judy Ann’s personalized answers to some questions raised during the live chat, as well as more tips and tricks to having great skin. Do like and share! Spread the word that aside from water play, Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath is another thing that mommies and babies can also share.

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