Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fine Cakes in Bacolod Courtesy of Calea

As I was preparing for our trip, I had to list down dining suggestions as well because hubby wanted to try local fare, as much as possible. One of the usual recommendations for when you're in Bacolod is to grab some Calea desserts.

I was not really excited by it. I saw some pictures already and saw fine-looking cakes, but since I am very particular wth cake flavors and icings, I thought it was hubby who would be more interested. Plus, Bacolod being the sugar capital of the country made me assume they'd be super generous with the sugar. Hehe.

We never got to dine at the newer branch at Balay uince because it was closed on Tuesdays, this smaller branch in the L'Fisher complex is closed on Mondays

do start drooling now :)

we ordered blueberry cheesecake (left) and this chocolate pie (that was more pudding than cake); hubs loved their cheesecake but didn't like the crust while I loved the crust (it was made of whole oats); the cake slices averaged between P90-120 per slice

they actually have a lot of different pies and torte cakes

with a cup of coffee and skimmed milk, and  take-out slices of lemon meringue (this was really nice, per hubs who loves such cakes) and imported (that's what they call their bestseller chocolate cake, which was decadent but nothing we haven't tasted before or crave for) our bill was P475.

I was also turned off that take out slices were just wrapped in foil and given to us in a plastic bag, like this

the imported chocolate cake was really nice, that custard in the middle offsets the richness of the chocolate... if you want to know how it tastes like, just get the Grand Chocolate cake at Aristocrat bakeshop

the lemon meringue was just citrusy enough to be really wonderful

I also bought white choco chip oatmeal cookies from Calea, and if ever, that's what I am going to go back for more of.

I know my review of Calea isn't really a rave, but maybe it's also because we have enough of good cake shops here in Manila. I like their ambiance though and they are really full every night we passed by their shop. The staff were also patient and the cakes, by Manila resident standards, are affordable. Twas still a great quiet time between hubs and me when we were there :)

entrance to the L'Fisher branch

loved their shabby chic interior... like frames for doors, and door panels as wall decor

the bigger Calea branch is on the first floor of Balay Quince


Unknown said...

but still, bacolod is the better place for food. compared to ncr, that is.

Mec said...

If that is your opinion, so be it :)

We did enjoy all our dining moments there... and definitely loved the sights too.

Unknown said...

they say every heart belongs to a city. my family is from basque but i want to say it's madrid. when it comes to literature i say its rijeka for their street poetry. but when it comes to food, i thought years back it was bacolod --- especially the hole in the wall ones. :)

Unknown said...

Define shabby

Mec said...

Marty... I wrote 'shabby chic' because if you just concentrate on shabby, then that would mean nothing good

shabby chic, however, is like country chic... pretty, homey, warm, soft, bohemian

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