Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breakthrough Restaurant - Iloilo

Look up must-dine places in Iloilo and you will often come across the recommendation to dine at Breakthrough Restaurant. Since we're coming from CamiƱa Balay nga Bato in the same Arevalo District, we decided to make Breakthrough our first official supper in Iloilo City.

We boarded a trisikad (tricycle with seats at the back too) from the church though because we weren't sure where it was exactly. I think we paid P40 for that.

Breakthrough Restaurant is situated right on Villa Arevalo beach, so the crashing waves added to the open air ambiance of the place. The restaurant itself is huge and the tanks containing the live seafood are located at one end of the restaurant.

I think it's best to sit in this area at night because it's mighty dim at the other end

positively loved their chandeliers and light decor

there are more tables to the left, and then it's the beach already

there are so many abalone tanks (most probably supplied by SEAFDEC) there, you'd think they serve it to everyone

the pool of live crabs is sure to fascinate young kids

non-finicky guests can just order already-cooked seafood

and viands

Breakthrough is supposedly famous for its lechon, so we had to try some... it turned out to be good, but nothing to rave about

We ordered that plate of lechon (1/4 kilo, I believe), two chopsueys, 1 mangga with bagoong, 1 sinigang na bangus and a plate of crispy, sizzling crab meat (which, with the lechon, was expensive) and paid P800 for that dinner.

If ever we're back in iloilo, we may eat there again just to try their other dishes, but if we don't.... we also won't be really missing much. It's convenient for those staying at One Lourdes Dormitel though because we just had to take a short jeepney ride home (P7.50 then). Service was good, ventilation not so much (maybe they should have had higher ceilings for the sea air to really circulate inside the restaurant), decor was really nice. All in all, it turned out really affordable too.

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