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Raymen Beach Resort, Guimaras

People who may be wondering where to stay in Guimaras are usually referred to Raymen Beach Resort. After all, the resort enjoys one (if not THE) of the finest white sand beaches in the whole of Guimaras. Raymen Beach Resort shares Alubihod Beach with two other resorts (but weirdly enough, you seldom hear mention of the other two) and offers cottages (for day trippers), fan rooms (in huts that, unfortunately turned me off as someone travelling with young kids) and air-conditioned rooms.

We stayed in their family room that is good for 4 pax (kids 12 years and below are without charge, provided they share beds with the adult) that had TV and hot shower. It cost P2,200 per night.

Raymen Beach Resort is about 45 minutes to an hour away from Jordan wharf via tricycle or multicab. As of March 14-16 (dates we were there), one-way tricyle fare was P250 and P450 for multicab.

I have seen some pictures of the resort in my research but I forewarned my family that it's going to be a resort in an island so they shouldn't expect much. However, we actually loved it there.

The room was nice and clean enough. We actually didn't have complaints apart from the issue we had with the air-conditioner located at bed-level (and thus freezing whoever is sleeping nearest it). Sure, I did hang the sign asking them to clean our room and that wasn't done, but it was also no biggie for us to just borrow a broom and sweep the sand and crumbs my darling sons keep bringing in. I figured, if my sons refuse to wash their feet properly before entering our room (as politely asked by a sign before you enter the building), then it shouldn't be a problem that I end up sweeping after them.

The room we stayed in was the one on the first floor, immediately after the reception desk.

we were actually surprised there was cable... and to think we limited our viewing to ABS CBN's telenovelas, haha

outside the CR is a sink and mirror, and to the right of the sink is a small nook for stashing your luggage in and hanging clothes in; that nook can also serve as a sort-of private dressing area

another view of the room, including my amazed relatives over the LCD TV, and my eager-for-the-beach sons

view of the aircon rooms from the restaurant

partial view of the building for the other air-con rooms and function room (they held a party for the Secretary of Agriculture while we were there)

when you get to the beach, this is your view if you look left

view if you look right

the cottages for rent (free use for resort guests)

fan rooms

should you want to go island hopping

Now, the restaurant was a total surprise for us because we didn't expect it to offer good food. The pancit bihon and chopsuey were so good, we had them twice. They also offer sandwiches, Filipino and Continental breakfasts and other dishes. Food was really good to great... you just have to generally order ahead of time (even heating up piaya you buy from their consignment kiosk takes some time). Hot water is charged (P3) but coffee or hot chocolate comes free with the breakfast meals. Their wait staff are friendly too... one even babysat my youngest so we could eat in peace.

loved the soup of their tinola; we couldn't finish it so we asked them to keep it in the fridge for us and reheat it for our meal the following day

even their liempo was good

chopsuey and inihaw na tuna

For an idea of the price range of the dishes served at their restaurant, click here. Generally, we paid between P500-700 per meal we ate there (but we were 4 adults and 2 kids who eat enough, not just pick-and-peck on their food).

Now, if you want cheaper fare, just outside the resort is a line of carinderias/provincial barrio bars. We enjoyed the batchoy (P30) offered at JM Carinderia (the farthest of the lot) so we dined there one night. Their pancit canton looked weird but tasted really good (albeit a little salty for my palate). Their sinigang was good too, the chicken barbecue was a little bland. My son ejoyed their mango shake.

the dishes at JM Carinderia are about P20-30 cheaper compared to Raymen's Restaurant

So... how fine a sand does Alubihod beach offer, you ask? Not Boracay sand fine, but this fine:

For those travelling with young kids, I really consider the resort ideal since the kids can just play in the sand. Phone reception is best at the beach too... so my husband was able to take conference calls. At night, we could walk the length of the uncluttered beach and feel safe. In short, Raymen Beach Resort is highly-recommended for those who want an island experience without completely going off the grid (as is the case in other resorts In Guimaras).

They do say that it can get quite crowded at Raymen when during weekends or peak season (someone told hubs, all you can see are heads in the water, haha). We were there on weekdays so that must have contributed to our great experience.

When I inquired from them last February, these were the rates they gave me, so best to ask them directly for their latest rates:

Aircon Rooms:
P1,350 - good for two (w/o hot and cold shower)
P1,600 - good for four (w/o hot and cold shower)
P1,800 - good for four (with hot and cold shower)
P2,200 - good for four (with TV and hot/cold shower)
P2,800 - good for eight with ref

Fan Rooms:
P900 - good for 4
P700 - good for 2

Entrance fee for adult is P25, child is P10. Corkage for food is P30/head and drinks P100/case and electricity/appliance charge is P120. Cottages start at P500.
To contact Raymen Beach Resort:
Landline: (+63) 033 3960252 Mobile: (+63) 9185207271


Andrea Paola Sarabia Gutierrez said...


how much will it cost me for 3D/2N for 2? i want island hopping

Mec said...

Andrea... in case it didn't occur to you, we were also just guests at Raymen Beach Resort. I am a blogger, this is not their website.

And as to your question, factors that will affect the cost are the accommodations you get, whether transport fares or meals are included, and how long the island hopping will be...

Please read my blog post again and either contact Raymen or do your own cestimations based on the rates/costs I have provided.

Pearl said...

I really impressed with your post because it is very detail about Raymen Beach resort. Thanks for the share. How I wish I will also visit this place.

boracay resort

Kay F said...

This is good Andrea, all detailed and it would really help others. I go to guimaras often but most at the remote islands with friends. The last time i stayed at raymen was about 5 years ago and my 1st to bring our family here. This is just good and keep it up for more of your trips. I'm looking forward to do the same so others can be helped. Two thumbs up

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Is bringing food inside the resort is allowed like noodles, canned goods and drinks? Thanks for sharing this detailed review of Raymens' Beach resort. I've been eying this place to stay when we visit Guimaras.

Mec said...


I am not quite sure.

Our bags weren't checked for food and drinks and we weren't charged any corkage fee for those things we ate that we didn't get from there... but we were charged for hot water (for soups and hot chocolate) and having viands reheated (those we didn't order from the restaurant).

But we were staying there. Not sure if they're more strict about corkage for day trippers only. To be sure, kindly just ask them directly :)

Mustachio said...

Since you mentioned there are two other resorts on Alubihod beach, any idea how much (price range) those other two cost? Or will I be better off staying at Raymen? Thanks.

Mec said...

Sorry Mustachio... I didn't even get the names of the two other resorts so i'd really have no idea of their rates :)

Feedback about Raymen also varies, some complaints usually register when they go there during peak season... which is why I made it clear we were there during the summer, but on weekdays :)

Mustachio said...

Thanks Mec. One last question, what's the best beach in Guimaras? Is it Alubihod?

Mec said...

Alubihod is good enough :)

I haven't been to Natago Beach, I heard raves about that... and the other more exclusive resorts/islands so I cannot really say

But like what's posted here, I foudn Alubihod Beach sand finer than the one at Guisi and Baras :)

Andrea Paola Sarabia Gutierrez said...

HI Mec!!! i will be visiting your blog!

Mustachio >>> i've seen your CAMSUR NAGA ADVENTURE .. i will be visiting NAGA this July 22, 2012 hoping for a fair weather

HI KayF >> after this comment i will be visiting your page...


Andrea Paola Sarabia Gutierrez said...






Mec said...

Andrea... I have Bacolod posts too, and more are coming up (haven't really blogged about the ancestral homes yet) :)

Dai Ning Li said...

Hi Mec! I am visiting Guimaras and Iloilo in August and your hotel review is just so helpful. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi mec, this blog is very helpful, it really helps a lot to plan my guimaras adventure this august.i just wanna ask if they are offering an internet connection. If not what mobile network provider does have strongly signal in the resort? Thanks in advance.

Mec said...

I don't think they offer free wifi. I have also quite forgotten if I had reception there (Sun) but both Globe and Smart work fine at the beach. Reception in the rooms were intermittent (we stayed in the first floor, maybe it's better in the 2nd floor, I dunno) :)

Unknown said...

Thank for this blog. We posted it in our official website.

Unknown said...

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Thanks for this blog.
See you all!

Unknown said...

So great to see this blog. :) but im from bacolod city and il be oassing from pulupandan port til i get to suclaran in guimaras. How do we get there from suclaran to raymen? do u have any idea? Thx so much :)

Mec said...

sorry irris... no idea at all :)

But if Suclaran is already in the Guimaras island, maybe you just need to hire a multicab or something to bring you to raymen :)

Unknown said...

thank you for posting this i have made my mind up and have just booked for my family ..2 kids of 4yr old and the other will be about a month old when we go there..your blog helped me make up my mind ..once again thanks

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