Thursday, March 01, 2012

MV Logos Hope: The Floating Library that Rocks

To be honest, I did miss the fact that you could see the sea while shopping for books aboard the now retired MV Doulos. But MV Logos Hope was really nice. It felt like you were in a mall because the bookstore was really well-kept, well-lit and modernly-designed.

Docked at Pier 15 (it's near Manila Hotel but you enter at South Harbor, Gate 1, and try to find parking near the Coast Guard area), you might miss it because a huge Superferry ship is usually awaiting passengers in front. MV Logos Hope is anchored behind the Superferry ship and you'd have to walk the length of Eva Macapagal Terminal (outside) before getting a good glimpse of the floating library.

Entrance is P20 but children below 12 can get in for free (a perk of the enclosed bookstore, as opposed to formerly open-air Doulos that didn't let young kids on board). A Logos Hope bag sells for P50 and a donation of P100 gets you a button pin. And the books? A really wide selection!

Yes, some of the titles, you can get from the usual bookstore... and could even get for bargain prices at Booksale. But some were entirely new titles to me... There were even books on homeschooling and a lot of children's books that teach about religion and good values.

Their exchange rate for our country is 100 units = 100 pesos (since they can't really keep changing price tags for the books they sell).

Mv Logos Hope is here in Manila till March 13, and then will set sail for Subic. They are also open till 9 PM, which was great because at least we didn't have to contend with ship passengers and the heat when we went there. Parking was easy too.


an anteroom with lots of reference books

something for the kids to play with

bring coins to enjoy this one

I don't know what you call this installtion but it depicts a modernized version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son

the cafe

toy area in the cafe

loved those bins!

One other thing about MV Logos Hope is their HIV/AIDS Awareness advocacy. For a donation of P50, you can even get a storybook about a child who has HIV, which she got from her mother, and how she suffered because other kids wouldn't play with her.

I believe they also hold a film showing of sorts on HIV/AIDS Awareness.

Let's support this ship that has brought together people of different nationalities in pursuit of God's will.


Rocks said...

I'm excited! we'll go this Sunday :D

pyxxie0703 said...

hi mec!

Thanks for sharing this. We decided na not to go but after reading your post I'm now reconsidering. Maganda pala!

Unknown said...

Wow! When MV Doulos went here, my friend and I bought some books. Most of the books I bought is for my sister who was on kindergarten back then.

I want to check out the place! :)

Mec what is the lowest price of the books they have?

Mec said...

sis... at least P50 (children's books) :)

They have a lot of P100 books for kids, on cooking, reference books...

There are erasers and small activity books for P25

Mec said...

sis... at least P50 (children's books) :)

They have a lot of P100 books for kids, on cooking, reference books...

There are erasers and small activity books for P25

ztik said...

Hi! Would you know when 's their last schedule in Manila? Thanks!

Mec said...

ztik... the ship sails to Subic today, like what I said in my blog post :)

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