Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pastry Passion: Cakes Made with Love

I would never have noticed a pastry shop in that area of West Avenue if I hadn't been waiting to cross the road to Del Monte Ave. Pastry Passion's signage can be easily missed in the sea of signs for that building... but I'm glad I took time to check it out.

Unfortunately, we have yet to try their lemon torte cake, the one I didn't buy because I wanted to ask hubby first if he wanted any.

But what we have tasted so far, we liked. Or rather, hubs loved them so much.

Banana Cream Pie, P95, which looks rich but was the perfect balance of everything in it and in the same league as Banapple's offerings (per hubs' feedback)

various-flavored mini chocolate cakes: the flowered one is chocolate mousse (didn't get to taste the mousse part but was bowled over by the chocolate petals); the one with chocolate curls is the cappucino one which was really good and light; the one with swirls is a dark chocolate one which hubs really loves (those who prefer their chocolate bordering on the bitter side, this one is for you)

red velvet cake, which we never got to taste but SIL said was really moist

We really recommend their cakes (although I do have an issue of having to pay P10 for a box for the cakes). In hubs's words, "they really know their chocolate" and I agree :)

For more info (they also make made-to-order themed cakes and do party dessert bars):

PASTRY PASSION Marisan Building #48 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. No. (632) 415.01.08 email - shirley.yanga @ gmail . com

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verabear said...

ohh malapit lang ako sa West Avenue but I don't remember passing by Pastry Passion. I must find this place! :)


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