Sunday, February 26, 2012


I will just copy-paste my friend's letter of invitation to all those interested in learning more about Anthroposophy, Homeopathy and Waldorf Education :) I really recommend this to parents and educators.

Dear Friends,

To create a sustainable society of international understanding, tolerance and peace, there should be a new understanding of what is possible in education. Administrators, teachers, parents, and Education students interested to develop their teaching and parenting capacities are invited to join a two-day seminar on the world-renowned Steiner/Waldorf-inspired "balanced education of the head, heart, and hands." To talk about this pedagogy – adopted by more than 1,000 schools in more than 60 countries since 1919 – are Bella Tan and Jake Tan from Rudolf Steiner Education Philippines (

Trained in Australia in 1989, Bella C. Tan was one of those who introduced Steiner-Waldorf Education in the Philippines in 1992. She co-founded the first Steiner-Waldorf school in 1994, initiated the Parent-Toddler Program in 1997, and co-founded Michael Playgarden, the first full day co-parenting center in 2006. Bella has conducted teacher training and related courses not only in the Philippines but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and China. She has also written two children’s books.

Joaquin G. Tan trained in acupuncture (1989) and in Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Preparations and Medicine in the WALA GMBH, Bad, Boll, Germany. He attended the English Course in Anthroposophic Medicine, Arlesheim (1992). He co-founded the first Waldorf kindergarten/school in the Philippines and served in its Board of Trustees (1994-2002). He is the author of the book “Healing Ourselves: A Guide to Creative, Responsive & Self-Reliant Medicine” (1995) and “Healing Ourselves from Medicine” which was released internationally in 2011. Jake has conducted lectures on the wellness and healing as well as the health and nutritional aspects of child development in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

The two-day seminar is organized by Tuburan Institute, Inc. at the Food Cove Function Room, 2nd floor (at back of the Food court, beside Mall Admin Office), NCCC Mall, corner of Matina and Ma-a, Davao City. Specifically, the two-day workshop will cover the following topics:

• Childhood and Development
• The 12 senses
• Nature of Conception, Pregnancy, Birth
• Health and Nutrition of the Developing Child
• Imitation and Good Example: Role of the Adult
• Dreamy Consciousness of the Child
• Education of the Will

The daily sessions will begin at exactly 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm. Lunch break will be from 12:00 noon till 1:30 pm. Participants are requested to come on time and bring their own pen and notebook for taking notes. The course fee is Php 500 for the two days and does not include food and drinks. The course fee can be paid through the following:

1.) Account number: 2141021748 Account Name: Tuburan Institute, Inc. Bank: BPI Matina branch
2.) Astanah Spa, Juna Avenue, Davao City (landmark: accross Values School beside Lispher Inn)
3.) Jayma Law Office, 2nd Flr. Paseo de Legaspi, Crossing Legaspi St. and Rizal St., Davao City (landmark: above 147 Beer Avenue resto-bar)
4.) Door 5, Ma-a Plaza, Km. 5 Ma-a Road, Ma-a, Davao City (beside Deeper Life Academy)

Participants are requested to bring their deposit slips or acknowledgment receipts and present them during the March 3, 2012 registration. In case participants prefer paying at the venue on the first day of the seminar, we would like to request to be informed before March 1 of your attendance. This is because the venue can accommodate only 200 participants at a time and we would like to ensure everyone can be comfortably seated.

Thanks very much!

Maya Flaminda J. Vandenbroeck
Team Tuburan Institute, Inc.
mienmaya at gmail dot com

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pastry Passion: Cakes Made with Love

I would never have noticed a pastry shop in that area of West Avenue if I hadn't been waiting to cross the road to Del Monte Ave. Pastry Passion's signage can be easily missed in the sea of signs for that building... but I'm glad I took time to check it out.

Unfortunately, we have yet to try their lemon torte cake, the one I didn't buy because I wanted to ask hubby first if he wanted any.

But what we have tasted so far, we liked. Or rather, hubs loved them so much.

Banana Cream Pie, P95, which looks rich but was the perfect balance of everything in it and in the same league as Banapple's offerings (per hubs' feedback)

various-flavored mini chocolate cakes: the flowered one is chocolate mousse (didn't get to taste the mousse part but was bowled over by the chocolate petals); the one with chocolate curls is the cappucino one which was really good and light; the one with swirls is a dark chocolate one which hubs really loves (those who prefer their chocolate bordering on the bitter side, this one is for you)

red velvet cake, which we never got to taste but SIL said was really moist

We really recommend their cakes (although I do have an issue of having to pay P10 for a box for the cakes). In hubs's words, "they really know their chocolate" and I agree :)

For more info (they also make made-to-order themed cakes and do party dessert bars):

PASTRY PASSION Marisan Building #48 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. No. (632) 415.01.08 email - shirley.yanga @ gmail . com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slice: Providing Muffin High at The Fort

Hubs brought a box of 6 muffins from Slice once, because he keeps encountering it on Twitter. So, that first time, hubs had a box of different-fruit flavored muffins (because they ran out of chocolate ones). I forgot already which flavors because I only eat chocolate muffins. I do remember that the citrus burst one was too lemony, that both hubby and cousin said it left a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

It turns out, Sen. Pia Cayetano is the person behind this cafe, born from a love for baking she got from her grandmother.

Good thing for Slice, they decided to make more of the popular choices to sell at all times of the day (because the choco madness one would usually run out first hour they're selling).

Anyway, finally got to sample their more popular muffins.

left to right: peanut butter & choco (called 'choco monkey'), choco madness and choco caramel

Suffice it to say, the choco madness is the best chocolate muffin I have ever tasted. Spare your stainless steel sink from plates, just devour the muffin by hand!

Now, they are also offering cupcakes and are hoping to expand from their kiosk to be a true-blue cafe at Bonifacio High Street. They are even accepting advance orders for pick-up (orders have to be placed 24 hours ahead).

Don't take my word for it though, just try their muffins. It costs P60 per muffin but if you get a box of 6, they become P50/each (so P300/box).

For more info on Slice Cafe, check out their FB page

Friday, February 10, 2012

Be a Child Again at Terra 28th Park

There is a new park at the 28th street at the Fort and it's definitely something adult and child alike has to check out.

Areas at Terra 28th Park were designated for different kinds of play, some of which were popular games from childhoods of yesteryears. Think piko (hopscotch) and patintero. They even provided an area for luksong-baka (rough translation: jump over a cow). There is green grass everywhere (water pumps must be keeping all this greenery fresh day in and out) offering padding for children falling on their knees.

And fall they would (happily, I might add) as they run around the area that simply screams freedom and bliss.

Areas that aren't green with grass have some sort of padding, so again, kids are welcome to keep falling down (or rolling around) because the playground is protected enough.

swings, seesaw, monkey bars and slides were designed on ribbon sculptures in this area :)

let's play hopscotch

or patintero

enjoy the musical steps (not yet musical when we were there, but it still offered exercise for the tots)

Terra 28th Park is well-lit at night, so you can even avoid the heat of the sun altogether. And if it rains, a huge Active Fun is just across the park. I think it would even make for a great venue for photoshoots.

If you also walk a block or so away to Bonifacio High Street, you can get to the rest at the new fountain there while enjoying a muffin or two.


* click here if you want to see my kids enjoying their time at Terra 28th Park

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Art of Katrina Ann Tan

Looking for something interesting to take your beloved to?

Looking for inspiration yourself? Or hope perhaps? Or peace?

Fascinated by the arts? Fascinated by what's new?

Then make sure to catch Katrina Ann Tan's exhibit at the Greenbelt III Lobby on February 24-29, 2012. Her works are definitely uplifting, homegrown, all-organic and even prayerful, one might say.

To know more about the artist, just visit her sites:

Let's support our young and truly talented artists! :)
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