Sunday, January 29, 2012

Support System After Birth

First time pregnant moms usually get overwhelmed with the things they have to prepare and prepare for in time for their delivery. Most of the time, moms get preoccupied with shopping for the initial layette and getting their documents concerning health insurance (Philhealth) and maternity leave/benefits in order. Of course, there's also that pressure of coming up with the money for the delivery and thinking up the perfect name while keeping oneself relaxed and healthy. And yes, some mothers also prepare by attending parenting seminars.

However, a lot of moms or prospective parents still miss one important thing: preparing their support system once the child is out. This can be especially crucial in the event of a very difficult labor or unexpected complications in both mother and child. Personally, I had an easier time post-partum with my first, but my second got me looking for depression rehab treatment centers because the melancholy lasted for months and seemed never to end.

So, as early as the minute you find out you're pregnant, make it a habit to dialogue with your partner to help you feel more able to communicate post-partum blues. Also, ask for help from family, and maybe some friends, for help in the early days, if you won't be hiring a helper to help you out. Just know that you may have many people sharing your home with you and still feel all alone after, especially if you cannot ask help from them. So, yes, ask help from them while you're still pregnant so they can help you recover faster.

Consider it as part of your birth plan.

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