Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stoybooks and Storytelling Party Package from Adarna

If you're looking for something different for your child's birthday party (or any party where children are present) where entertainment goes, why not consider the offering of Adarna Publishing House?

Get storybooks from them as your party giveaways (minimum of 50 books) and they will throw in a storyteller for free. The storybooks will actually come with a pencil, two stickers and a bookmark in a plain brown bag. You also have a choice of stories which allows for a more wonderful storytelling/reading experience for your kiddie guests because you can get the storyteller to 'read' the same storybooks they're taking home. Nothing could be a better way to be introduced to a story.

At my sons' party last November, we had Mr. Nonoy Bonanciar storytell "Ang Mahiyaing Manok" and "Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy". We paid P4,745 for 65 books. The storyteller read the stories in Filipino and the guests just really loved it. Most of our kiddie guests were English-speakers but they still really listened in rapt attention to the storytelling. Their parents appreciated this quieter and more educational form of entertainment, one of which even commented that it was a great review for his daughter's upcoming exams in Filipino.

So, yes.... not only do you entertain your guests and educate them, you also introduce/reinforce Filipino culture and literature when you get this package from Adarna.

I just printed a quote on sticker paper and pasted it on the brown bag the storybooks came in, so as not to waste the bags

my son following the storyteller's instruction to crow like a rooster

kids engrossed in the storytelling

Kuya Nonoy telling the story of the Mahiyaing Manok

he was really a hit among the kids

I especially loved it that Sir Nonoy arrived way early at the party (the caterers were still just setting up and he was there already!).

Adarna Publishing has a pool of professionally-trained storytellers and storybooks for various grade levels. Contact ergoe at adarna dot com dot ph or fax at (+632) 352-6765 local 125 for inquiries and quotations.


CathyCE said...

Thanks for this great tip. This is definitely something I'd like to incorporate in my kids' parties.

Inay Armi said...

Thank you for this Ms. Mec! I've been considering Adarna's story-telling package for my daughter's first birthday party too. Now I have a clearer picture of what we could expect.

More power! ^_^

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