Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MOA Park By the Bay Revamped

I'm not yet sure if I like how they have 'improved' on MOA Park (that side by the bay which they call SM by the Bay). For one thing, there is less empty space for kids to run around in. They have also removed the two playground installations.

But they have installed more carnival rides (a mini Viking ship, a bus, a bee plane, another plane ride... the bumper cars are an old attraction). All cost P50 per ride. The carousel is still there. And the newest installation is a ferris wheel that invokes the idea of The Eye in London, because it's super high.

Yep... it costs P150 per person, and even babies like Yamee pay full price

each car has its own air-conditioner and is sealed on all sides

at first, I wondered about the wisdom of putting such a ride by the bay, where it could get windy during typhoon season. But each car is solid and you don't even feel yourself going up or down while in the ride

the ride is now this imposing structure that you can't miss

so I guess, all balikbayans must now try this

it even provides some sort of light show at night

I think the best time to ride that ferris wheel is at sunset, because you really get a great view of the bay and everything in it. I can't imagine seeing the harbor lights at that height at night will make for the steep fare, but if you're up there at 7 PM, you can watch the fireworks show from great seats.

Forget about taking great pictures of the bay from that height either, because the windows of each car is made from a sort of scratched glass material. Each car seats a maximum of 6.

Yes, a trip there just got more expensive.

(we don't have pics of anything from that height because we took a video instead when we rode the ferris wheel)


Mauie Flores said...

I've been meaning to ride that with the boys last Christmas but the queue was so long. Siguro it's better not to go on weekends and holidays. Thanks for sharing your experience!

The 24-Hour Mommy

Faye said...

Good to know about this huge ferris wheel at MOA. 'will check it out the next time we're in Pinas. :)

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